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silkboard @kbsyed61 need to put renewed enthu on Bus Day, have been tuned out for over a week now 13 years ago
silkboard Noticed KSRTC's launch of low floor bus service between Mangalore/Manipal? 13 years ago
shekhar_mittal @B.G.Ananthamurthy So True! 13 years ago
B.G.Ananthamurthy Mr. Yedurappa and co always compares Milk prices with other states. Same he does not do for petrol. 13 years ago
shiwali » shekhar_mittal Yo 13 years ago
Rithesh Only 1.5% of homes in the old BMP region have rain water harvesting facilities. 13 years ago
deepakar The bums never lose http://www.3dsyndication.... 13 years ago
manjari » shekhar_mittal yoooooo 13 years ago
kbsyed61 Hi Manjari, nice to see you back and in action. Lets talk on phone. 13 years ago
manjari » kbsyed61 Hi Syed, how are you?? 13 years ago
silkboard Cable cable everywhere, poles, houses, trees, on the roads. Infrastructure for free, no wonder Satellite DTH TV can't beat them on price. 13 years ago
shekhar_mittal @kbsyed61 Hey. Radio one did awesome publicity for bus day yesterday. 13 years ago
kbsyed61 No news on Bus Day from Praja? 13 years ago
Rithesh New electronic sign board near Hebbal flyover reads "Welcome to Bengaluru. Bump Ahead."!!! 13 years ago
shekhar_mittal » idontspam Work in progress :) Trying to get in touch with mapunity folks. 13 years ago
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