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shekhar_mittal @kbsyed61 Hey. Radio one did awesome publicity for bus day yesterday. 10 years ago
kbsyed61 No news on Bus Day from Praja? 10 years ago
Rithesh New electronic sign board near Hebbal flyover reads "Welcome to Bengaluru. Bump Ahead."!!! 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal » idontspam Work in progress :) Trying to get in touch with mapunity folks. 10 years ago
silkboard BJP today is Bengaluru Janata Party. Congrats for winning the city, look fwd to the next steps towards fixing the city. 10 years ago
deepakar Ramakanth Sir(Loksatta) with 1539 seats. Third place. Awesome showing 10 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya Why did many people NOT vote in BBMP elections? 10 years ago
silkboard Marathahalli/ORR junction upgrades - example of how Bengaluru doesn't get what ppl mobility means. Need a street photography event there. 10 years ago
idontspam The politics of currencies 10 years ago
silkboard Close to April Bus Day, no clear or major experiments yet from BMTC. May see few new local shuttles and special routes though. 10 years ago
sanjayv » shekhar_mittal I did :-) 10 years ago
idontspam » shekhar_mittal Did you check out the mobile apps for the project? 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal » s_yajaman Most of this is what we discussed, anything u want to add? 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal » idontspam Read this and give ur comments 10 years ago
sulochanadhar I read the FAQ page and a lot of confusion has been cleared up :) Looking forward to an online donation page soon! 10 years ago
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