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Oh, for a government job!, from murali772 43 murali772
High-rise apartment housing complex issues, from murali772 3 murali772
Imperatives of privatisation of power distribution, from murali772 143 murali772
Listing points I'd like to be taken up at Egipura Ward (No148) Committee meet, from murali772 12 murali772
Project K-100: re-visioning of Koramangala valley drainage system, from murali772 3 murali772
Getting the economics of solar power right, from murali772 1 murali772
Need is to fast-track the entire judicial system, from murali772 3 murali772
Towards more professionalism in governance, from murali772 28 murali772
BSRP KRDIE, from Sanjeev 2 Sanjeev
Airport Metro Tracking, from Sanjeev 1 Sanjeev
Right to sack a recalcitrant worker, from murali772 20 murali772
Campaign against so-called 'privatisation' of water, from murali772 21 murali772
Some unsolicited advice for AAP, Bengaluru, from murali772 54 murali772
Update on Koramangala projects, from murali772 5 murali772
Relevance of KAOA under RERA, from murali772 10 murali772
Commuter Rail meetings with Mr Ananth Kumar, Mr V Madhu - report, from silkboard 31 Sanjeev
Airport Halt station BIAL Devanahalli MoU Signed, from Sanjeev 1 Sanjeev
Opening up of Airport Halt Station at KIAL Devanhalli, from Sanjeev 2 Sanjeev
Emotional intelligence, Chanakya Niti and Road Safey - Webinar, from asj 2 asj
Metro OR Suburban train to KIA?, from srinidhi 1 Naveen
EC/ SEC - symbol of incompetence, incapacity, apathy, lack of accountability, all put together, from murali772 68 murali772
Public assets or perpetual burdens?, from murali772 17 murali772
Capitalism Socialism etc - unload here, from asj 78 murali772
Manifesto points, from murali772 4 murali772
Worrisome aspects of Modi Sarkar's functioning, from murali772 41 murali772
Airport Halt Station KIAL Devanhalli, from Sanjeev 4 Sanjeev
Pedestrian issues, from murali772 2 murali772
An outline for a most equitable public bus transport model, from murali772 1 murali772
Metro, not NimBus (BPS) , needed for ORR, from srinidhi 2 Sanjeev
New Halt stations, from Sanjeev 2 Sanjeev

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