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Rithesh » shekhar_mittal Dude make the urls in the ChikkaChokka posts clickable. 10 years ago
Rithesh BWSSB - they are ripping apart the service roads along the ORR - shouldnt they also fix the roads after digging them? 10 years ago
Rithesh BBMP redoing drains opp my house.. good work.. but why spend money on fancy drains in residential areas.. residents can take care of those!! 10 years ago
Ravi_D » shekhar_mittal Tks! 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal » Ravi_D If you still want to go to your account page, on the left side bar you will see "my account" link when you go to 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal » Ravi_D To read the microblogs that people make, you dont need to go to your account page. Just click on "Praja Home". 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal DTU-DCE Controversy in my college-- #Delhi 10 years ago
Ravi_D » shekhar_mittal Interesting stuff... Too new for me! BTW, couldn't find a easy way to get to my a/c page! 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal » Ravi_D Have done a few tweeks on the navigation front. Give us your feedback. 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal Environmental damage of worlds top corporates 10 years ago
silkboard Commuter Rail is getting some new found attention in Bangalore, must take it beyond those funding announcements. 10 years ago
rs090d463 5TEJuENuEQ 10 years ago
silkboard 4 March Tomorrow, the 2nd Bus Day at Bangalore. Take the bus if your corridor is included. See 10 years ago
Sunilkumarc7 Bus day tomo !!!!!! 10 years ago
vinod_shankar » Naveen Any updates on the organizing a meeting with BMRCL! 10 years ago
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