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shekhar_mittal » monika toh ab comment kar! 10 years ago
monika » shekhar_mittal Oh i did that to make a comment.. and then got distracted.. :) 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal » monika You do not need to register to read the post! :) 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal » meghapunjani yeah right! Now make a few posts :P 10 years ago
meghapunjani » shekhar_mittal Was surprised to find out that till now I had not signed up ;) 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal » meghapunjani welcome! :) 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal Praja is on facebook now. Join it at #Praja #facebook 10 years ago
silkboard Does Bangalore have a CBD? Majestic or MG Road? Why does HSRL not start from South Bangalore? Whats so special about the center? 10 years ago
silkboard New Fire safety related project at, join today, after Carlton Tower, it could be your building next! 10 years ago
Rithesh Private member bills in India - statistics by PRS - 10 years ago
Rithesh » shekhar_mittal That was a quick turn around.. working fine.. would have been better if the links opened in a new tab/window. 10 years ago
n » shekhar_mittal hey! how is it going? was and am here *puzzled* not many posts but lots of comments. 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal Still better? 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal Upgraded the ChikkaChokka thing. Hope Everything is working fine. 10 years ago
shekhar_mittal » Rithesh Check now. Thanks for bringing it up. 10 years ago
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