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The Discarded Median Innovation as applicable to town planning

Urban Development

Whenever there is a requirement for a new road in the outskirts of a city, instead of building one dual way road, separated by a median, build new or modify existing two roads separated by a wide enough usable land as a pair of two one ways. These roads need to be barricaded, so that free NMVT access to roads is denied, except at the Bus Stations.

Garbage Cities Garbage Mismanagement


Bangalore has got the Tag of a "Garbage city" recently due to gross mismanagement of Garbage collection and disposal.

Pesky SMS

A pesky mosquito is annoying and dangerous as it not only sucks blood for free, but drains the victim of his energy.

An NGO meet with BBMP officials on Lakes revival and maintenance


BBMP is contemplating to establish a structured system of high order involving citizens of Bangalore. It is a laudable claim indeed made by Chief conservator of Forests Sri Brijesh kumar of BBMP. To days TOI report has covered in detail the event held at IIM Bangalore on August 5th 2012.  About 125 odd representatives of 21 lake committees have taken part. 

Pole mounted Power Transformers

Transformers are indispensible in power distribution to minimize transmission power loss. We encounter Besom Transformers at every nook and corner in Bangalore streets. Some of the transformers being currently used are huge and occupy lot of foot path space. These are barricaded for general safety.

Garbage Segregation by individual house holds

Venkataramanan a resident of HAL iii stage a retired Architect is a composting enthusiast. He had organized Garbage collection in HAL III Stage and started composting the wet garbage at the HAL III stage park now named as “Sir M Visweshwaraiyya Park.” [1]

BESCOM Website - an experience

Looking for Bescom on google I got the Bescom portal [1] I was quite impressed with the landing page to see a sign in box.

Many dangers of the mobile phone

Everything else


We have come a long way from the early days of the computer since 1964. The mobile phone can be a mini computer in itself hence can be cloned / hacked.  

Pitiable road conditions at Indiranagar Domlur fly over.

The junction at Indira nagar 100 ft and old airport roads has an elaborate 12 leaf fly over system.

Money Laundering Trusts and BSY

One should appreciate Mr. Yeddyurappa for never say die. He has come up in BJP the hard way from the RSS cadres. He has a solid following of a strong Lingayat community. It has taken an advanced age of 70 to reach high position as the CM of the state of Karnataka.

Problem Oriented Policing [POP]

Policing as any other branch of service needs its own research. It needs to keep one step ahead of the perpetrators of each type of crime [1].

The Precious Bangalore sewage Water


There is a grim shortage of funds in BBMP and government of Karnataka coffers. Tarring of road in front of my house was conveniently left out sighting empty BBMP coffers.

An aborted Chain snatching incident



The chain snatching incidences are on the increase for quite some time now. Our neighbor lady had lost her gold chain to an auto rickshaw driver a few years back, during her early morning walk. Similar incidences are on the increase which has made Bangalore police to sit up and take note. Beat police on motor bikes are a common sight, during our early morning walk.

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