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Pole mounted Power Transformers

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Transformers are indispensible in power distribution to minimize transmission power loss. We encounter Besom Transformers at every nook and corner in Bangalore streets. Some of the transformers being currently used are huge and occupy lot of foot path space. These are barricaded for general safety. There is a transformer at one of the corners of the Indiranagar park. encroaching the foot path

This Brake in the foot path has attracted

  • vegitabl vender cart, an
  • Happy day’s preschool advertisement board. 

Pole mounted Transformer if fesible would have avoided such encraochments. There is a compact ABB Transformer occupying much less space at Indiranagar second stage near NPS. 


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Indiranagar Sony Junction

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Indiranagar Sony Junction is a very busy junction between 100 and 80 feet wide roads. The 100 ft road extends to Koramangala on one side and Old Madras road on the other. The Escape Hotel corner [1] has a big bundle of under ground power cable lying on the foot path completely blocking it. [2]

These power cables are prohibitively costly we are told.I have no idea how long it is there. There must be some reason though. 


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Indiranagar Park

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This park is located very near to Indira Nagar Metro station. The park has roads on all its four sides. A Besom Power transformer is right in one of the corner on the CMH Road side. [1] 

This has encouraged the vender cart to occupy the vantage position. There is a roring pani puri bussiness in the evenings. The cart is used to place pani puri items. 

Happy days preschool has also its board in place giving directions to reach it.

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speak into my phone.. awesome.. no typing
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TCS Quarters 13th Main

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I saw this neat Pole mounted BESCOM Transformer at TCS Quarters on 13th main. 

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SBI Indiranagar

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It is noticed that the Transformer and Pole space is provided by the Bank itself.  Hence there is no encroachment of foot path. comment guidelines

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