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Plastics recycling collection centers in Bangalore

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Plastics cause serious damage to environment during production and recycling. Chemicals like benzene and vinyl that go into the making of plastic are highly toxic. They pose serious threat to life on earth, unless handled properly. Some of the constituents of plastic such as chloride are proved to cause cancer. Gas and liquid hydrocarbons spoil air and soil respectively. Used plastic dumps are hazardous as the plastic does not degenerate readily. Hence recycling is relevant here.

Recycling machinery is readily available, as it is economical on the dangerous raw material otherwise. The raw material is used plastic. Big plastic recycling industries have started coming up in the north especially in cities like Delhi and Calcutta. The rag pickers in Bangalore specialize in collecting various kinds of plastics. These end up in big collecting centers like what I saw in the now defunct Bangla Desi Refuge camp.

P1 The Camp at Plastic Collection center

P2 The Exit side of the center

P3 A close view of a shop

P4 Tea Shop at the center

P5 The Bags ready to be shifted


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Young Milun

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Milun a youngster fairly well dressed has been provided with a most economical gear to collect a variety of plastic bags. I was unable to figure out his antecedents however well I tried. I could only gather that he had tricycled from Maruth halli.

It was 7.06 AM when I shot this photograph.

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Drinking Water Problem

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The Bangala Desi Refugi camp is infact a camp where the refugies are continiuing to live. I came to this conclusion after a few more visits and talking to people. The language they talk is peculiar. In the picture below you can see drinking Water being supplied to the refugies by a Tanker at the camp. comment guidelines

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