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Ground Water Pollution / Depletion


 Ground water Pollution [1] and depletion are the major threats being faced in major cities of India in general and Bangalore in particular.

Elected representatives and their high handedness


The Lokayukta Santosh Hegde heads an anti-corruption ombudsman organization in our state of Karnataka. Santosh Hegde is one among a pool of upright retired judges. of whom we should be proud of.

City will soon lose Infosys edge to Pune [BM]

 Growth of Bangalore has been phenomenal in the past several decades. It all started with Mr. SM Krishna when he was the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Nod to prosecute CM - 'we fear for our lives'


Well written cover story in to days Bangalore mirror, on the very important but controversial subject of the day.

Ulsoor Lake Pollution


The stretch of NH4 running along St Johns Church, Kensington, and Bhaskaran roads joining old Madras road is an interesting stretch to ride. It is a pretty road with constant two way traffic.

The peoples Representatives – How to keep them in check?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

 The front page story by Kushala of the Bangalore mirror about our minister Ashoka though on the verge of being a “gossip” its seriousness cannot be ignored.

The blaming game

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Yesterday News X TV channel carried the story with footage of big size CFC cables found in the man holes sewage lines. The anchor was trying to color it as a multi crore scam of the same order as the 2G spectrum scam. I was curious to find whether the story would appear in TOI too. However to my surprise I found it in Deccan Herald.

Irresponsible behavior in the enforcement arm of our governance


 “B. Mutnanna DCP Traffic Ordered for Jonny walker Blue label scotch but got something Desi equivalent at Le Meridian Hotel in Bangalore yesterday 15Dec2010.

The “Enough of Corruption” SAAKU Rally


Dr. Balasubramnyam of sustainable economy, Arvind kejriwal an activist from Delhi and JP Narayan founder of the loksatta party, were on the dais at the hockey grounds, after the end of the protest march from the Vittal Mallya and Kasturba road junction. The gathering was impressive with all the media people including NDTV and others.

Kirtana Krishnan


 As any normal citizen of Bangalore I was horrified to read to days Bangalore

Right to Information act (RTI) and transparency


 In this age of the internet and exponential growth of the web, the RTI act 2005 should have been at best, a history by now. It is amazing to read the RTI 2005 document available on the web. It creates posts like Chief Information Commissioner and what not, for providing the so called information. I admit I could not, nor was I interested in reading this kind of document.

A case for better Road surfaces and volume

Everything else

 Four companies viz ACC , India cements, Ital Cementi (Zuary) and. Ultratech cement Ltd.

Practical Road standards for manageable Cross Sections

 A road is not the mere outer visible surface. It is a volume to be precise. [This “Volume” concept is more attractive than conceiving a road as a  3-D object. Thanks to my visit to CSTEP some time back]. Its underbelly is the home of many services essential for the city / place it serves. 

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