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The Discarded Median Innovation as applicable to town planning

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Urban Development

Whenever there is a requirement for a new road in the outskirts of a city, instead of building one dual way road, separated by a median, build new or modify existing two roads separated by a wide enough usable land as a pair of two one ways. These roads need to be barricaded, so that free NMVT access to roads is denied, except at the Bus Stations.

In the case of an existing arterial road being selected, the criterion should be based upon serving the needs of the entire city, optimally.

The idea behind this innovation is to save the obtrusive wastage of the median and combating grid lock.

Combating grid lock is best done by Land Development, with a Modular road network Design strategy

With the above considerations we propose to develop a new signal free modular road network design concept for a vernacular land development with active segregation of Pedestrian and non motor transport like cycling and hawking carts. A network consisting of major and minor arterial roads are dealt with in the proposed design.

 For A detailed study on the subject Click here.


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Design of new roads

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Any road meant for Bus traffic should be so designed keeping in mind that the bus commuters have to cross the road when they alight from the buses and also to take the buses in the reverse direction.

Hence provision should be incorporated for these commuters and other pedastrians to cross the roads safely at every bus stop. The design should be pedestrian- centred rather than vehicle- centred. Then only the enormous fatalities of such pedastrians can be reduced.


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A thought for the pedestrian

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The writer, Praveen Sood, an additional commissioner of police (traffic), in Bangalore, India, wrote in 2008 in the Times of India a reputed newspaper of the country :-

"  In 2008 of the 810 fatalities, 60% were pedestrians. Their right of way has been snatched by distorted policies, skewed implementation, prejudiced mindsets and apathy. Popular statements like ‘signal-free drive’ without creating facilities for pedestrians are an antithesis to the right to life. Today, it's impossible for anybody -- forget senior citizens and children -- to cross a road without endangering his or her life due to absence of infrastructure. But all of us First, motorist-centric policies should be put aside and instead, pedestrian-oriented policies adopted.  "

Click here for the TOI article :- A thought for Pedestrians

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The dual way road Study

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For the full article clik here

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The Road Module

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The road module consists of the following elements:

  1. Left lane
  2. Center lane
  3. Right Lane
  4. Two Service roads and
  5. Two Barricaded Green belts.


Free turning access to both left and right directions is possible due to the fact that useable land is made available on both the sides, due to the current design innovation. 

for the original artile click here.
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what abt road side parking sir?

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No road side parking.

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Good question indeed! No road side parking. Parkng in

  1. bussiness area parking lots.
  2. Also in residental areas.

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The yellow region can accomodate parking. 

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Residential area

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The Yellow area shown is for pedesranians and parking. C1, c2 are communities 1 2 etc. The central Green area can house a suitable community center for all the 4 communities.

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The Mall

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The Malls are places which attract big daily crowds who throng the big screens, shopping centers and food courts. They have multiple level parking spaces. As such the land served by four one way roads on all the sides is ideal locate them.



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The baricated Green belt with

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The baricated Green belt with Pedestrian, Cyclists and Hawkers [PCH] Track. comment guidelines

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