Bangalore Suburban Railway Stations status, why Railway Officials and Railway Minister neglecting still ???

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Commuter Rail

Looks Like Railway Minister Sadanand Gowda will not do much for Karnataka

Thanks Sathya Sankaran posting this good photo of Dodjala station. Will Sadananda Gowda-Railway Minister take little bit interest in introducing Namma Railu - Bangalore suburban rail and improve these stations.

Will Area MLA has any interest in getting these Railway Stations improved.



Neglected Railway Station by Railways

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Thanks to Sathya for taking this.

Tannisandra Station defuncted by SWR

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Looks like Shriyuts Moily and

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Looks like Shriyuts Moily and DA Sandanada Gowda are least bothered about their constituencies. 

Doddajala falls in Yelahanka, which is part of Chikkaballapur constituency and Tanisandra is in DVS's constituency.




Should we try Crowd Funding

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I got an idea, do not know if this makes sense.

With "Namma Railu" running rounds in different names and games of uninterested politicians, should we start a crowd funding for an EMU - which could be the next standard for the commuter rail system in the country and donate it to the Railways.  We could ask for corporates to contribute as a part of corporate social responsibility.  For example - a) An EMU purchased with maximum contribution by HAL and BEML could be run between Vimanapura - Majestic and further b) An EMU purchased with maximum contribution by companies in Electronic City could be run between Anekal - Majestic and further c) An EMU purchased with maximum contribution from companies near ITPL could be run between Whitefiled - Majestic and further.  These would help the employees of the companies as well as general public.

That is really good idea,

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That is really good idea, kinda PPP model. I guess its practical too. Its just like sponsoring buses. Good thought and nice flash of idea :) Appreciate..

- wgwwd : (w)e (g)et  (w)hat  (w)e (d) look at yourself first

Railway Minister approve Rs.900 Crore worth Mumbai Suburban Rail

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umbai’s most ambitious projects to build two extra lines between Kurla and CST to segregate long-distance and suburban lines, commissioning of Parel Terminus and an elevated Harbour line system at Kurla got the final approval from the railway ministry on Monday.

The plan was languishing in government files for almost a decade now.

Top-ranking officials said the file, which was forwarded to Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda last week, got approved in its totality on Monday and the letter should reach Central Railway officials in a ‘day or two’. Officials said the plan, with a requirement for land on either side of the railway territory, as well as rehabilitation of people who would be affected by the project, is ‘tough but doable’ and could take four-five years.

The project will see the extension of the 5th and 6th line from Kurla to CST. Currently the 5th and 6th line exist between Thane and Vidyavihar before moving into Kurla terminus. The CST-Kurla extension will allow long-distance trains starting from CST to avoid the suburban lines all the way till Thane, majorly unclogging the suburban lines and allowing more suburban trains to be run. At the moment long-distance trains use the two fast lines between CST and Kurla creating bottlenecks during the morning and evening rush hours.

The big-ticket part of the project will be the creation of an elevated deck for three harbour line tracks at Kurla so that the harbour line trains don’t get caught up, as they do currently, in the gridlock made by the ever-increasing goods trains as well as long-distance trains. “As per the plan, harbour line trains will take the elevated deck between Chunnabhatti and Tilaknagar and literally fly over goods and long-distance trains. With a growth of 9.22% annually, the Harbour line is possibly the country’s fastest growing suburban segment so it requires upgrading sooner than later,” said a top CR official.

The second major work would be the conversion of the Parel station into a full-fledged suburban terminal. It will get a new 408-metre platform on the western fringe, with the current line number one becoming a terminal line for trains originating and terminating at Parel. Moreover a slew of skywalks will connect the terminus to Carol bridge on the south, Elphinstone station on the west and the office-complex stretches along the west of Elphinstone station.

During June month, Sadananda Gowda-Railway Minister gifted Rs 800 Crore roll back on Monthly season ticket for Mumbai Suburban Rail. When it comes to Namma Railu - Bangalore suburban rail, he gives all reason for not approving.      Why all MPs from Bangalore keeping quite ???


1700 Crore gift to Mumbai Suburban Rail for elections

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So totally 1700 Crore Suburban Rail project gift to Mumbai for the state elections. In Mumbai Indian Railway is very rich, when it comes to Karnataka, it becomes poor and state need to come to rescue ???

They should shift the

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They should shift the start/end points of long distance trains to stations on the outskirts and use the tracks for commuter trains. If the existing stations on the outskirts don't meet the needs, then they should think of constructing new stations on the outskirts.

Patent Synchronized Expr & Local Trains Urban Commuter Rail Syst

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Patent : US 20110098908 A1  /  28 Apr 2011

Synchronized Express and Local Trains for Urban Commuter Rail Systems

A computerized system and method of managing subway trains along a two-track subway line to allow express travel in combination with local service. Express trains catch up to local trains at express stations along the line, and provision is made to allow the express trains to physically or “virtually” pass the local train at those stations. Embodiments in which the express trains physically pass the local train include direct train-to-train transfer facilitated by side-by-side tracks at the express station occupying reduced footprint. In other embodiments, virtual passing is accomplished by changing the type of service provided by trains at express intervals: a local train “transforms” into an express train and vice versa. Embodiments enable passengers to transfer between trains at express stations so that these “relay” passengers can travel faster than any specific train

Very good one and i feel Railway officials should go thru it and  learn bit of it for Bangalore Suburban Rail System where both Express and Local Trains need to be operated on same double Track

Foolish way of doing Rail Infrastructure development by SWR

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foolish way of doubling by SWR and leaving just 3 kms at Channasandra towards KR Puram and Baiyyappanahllai. What did SWR achieve by doing all these half hatred efforts,  these  will not yield anything.



Satindra Pal Chopra is 70 Yrs old, what did DVS do for his effor

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