Intermodal Bicycle Connectivity

This program consolidates all proposals related to enabling bicycle infrastructure in Bangalore. We started with Bike sharing proposal in the Central Business District (CBD). We then worked on getting the CBD proposal extended to other areas.

Right now, we are working to get more and more people to start using cycles as a mode of mobility. The work is likely to include activities around a core monthly "Cycle Day" concept. Stay tuned as we work on it.

[PS: Project created on behalf of IDS/Srinidhi]

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Hebbal lake Bicycle/Joggers track


Looking for information if there are any plans for a bicycle/joggers track around Hebbal lake. There is a proposal to have a bicycle track from Mekhri circle to Nandi hills for the regular recreational bikers. This can easily be integrated into that track

NMT CBD Pilot presentation


NMT CBD Pilot survey presentation to DULT by Next steps is for DULT to constitute a task force with representatives from CiSTUP, BBMP & DULT to prepare detailed plans.

Bicycle repair shops in Bengaluru


 Trying to crowdsource bicycle repair shops on a map. I have made the map in the link editable by all,Just plot the ones you see in your neighbourhood with a marker and save. While you cant edit the embedded image directly, click on the link in the small text below the map.

CBD Bicycle track measurements

12 Mar 2011 09:00

The NMT task force will go thru the CBD areas to measure the roads as an effort to design the bicycle tracks.The alignment that will be evaluated will be as per below.

Since it is a closed event will post summary here on praja after the event.

CBD Intermodal connectivity


 The NMT task force setup under DULT met for its first meeting today. This task force was constituted vide government order DULT/117/ADM 2010-11. Praja was represented by Myself & Srinidhi. We presented the call to action report on CBD intermodal bicycle connectivityprepared with inputs collated via various blogs/discussions on

Mobilicity Meeting updates..quite successful on NMT front!


The press report in DNA does a fairly decent job of talking about the highlights of the program..

Bicycling infrastructure for Last mile & Intermodal connectivity



{1} Diminishing mobility and accessibility, worsening health and environmental situation, lack of transport facilities and infrastructure, poor planning and traffic management and neglect of  multi-modal transport systems. In Indian cities the share of NMT at peak hours ranges from 30 up to 70%; trips undertaken by bicycle acco

CBD Bike sharing route & locations


 Number: Approx 20 bikes at each location to start with and increase on uptake

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