Hebbal lake Bicycle/Joggers track

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Looking for information if there are any plans for a bicycle/joggers track around Hebbal lake. There is a proposal to have a bicycle track from Mekhri circle to Nandi hills for the regular recreational bikers. This can easily be integrated into that track

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The only utility that the govt is planning with utmost importance is this

 ...The government's thinking is to construct an international convention centre between Yelahanka and BIAL where the statue of Bhuvaneshwari also could be installed ...The loud thinking is to construct three bridges across Hebbal lake all leading to a vast platform on which the statue is to be installed.


Hebbal lake users forum

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Anybody up for a recon of the place? I am open for a weekend. There may be a necessity for a Hebbal Lake users forum, involving some nature lovers. HU is still around?

Hebbal Lake issue is in court

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Hebbal Lake was to be maintained by pvt firm and it was doing some concret structure on lake bed & even on lake,  so PIL was filled in High court for destroying lake.

High court has stayed the BBMP order on handing over to Pvt firm and   Hebbal ;lake  is available to general public in the morning upto 9AM  withot fees for jogging & walk.

Then their is entrance fee upto 6 PM in the evening  to enter the Hebbal park / lake.

This is good location for tourist spot, only thing is  Concreet structure should not be allowed arround lake.

With tree canopy arround  lake, it will make  perfect Bicycle / jeggers loving place.  Plastic should be banned  arround lake so that public should not be allowed to carry any type of plastic bags inside the lake.

Hebbal lake is crying for

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Hebbal lake is crying for attention. Read this for an update on the current status

 Even birds avoid this polluted water body now

Myself & Ritesh did a impromptu recon of the lake couple of weeks ago. Have written to the LDA Ceo for a meeting regarding bicycling/jogging tracks around the lake. Will also include non motorized water activities in the agenda if we get a meeting. WIll keep you all updated if something happens.

Death Knell

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The government has zeroed in on an island in the Hebbal lake - which is already mired in controversies - for installing the Bhuvaneshwari statue at a cost of Rs 25 crore...  a brainchild of former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa...The preliminary design suggests that two hanging bridges will be built as access points for the statue.

Read more of this nonsense

What possible tourist value does a 30 ft bhuvaneshwari statue have other than becoming a temple? Lake will be reduced to a kalyani or worse a toilet for the masses. lake bye bye, garbage truck welcome. 

RMV bicycle tracks

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Tried to extend this hebbal lake circulator to a larger area. Result is below.


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