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Save 200+ trees in Mysore from being axed unnecessarily - Petition

Mysore City Corporation (MCC) has a penchant for breaking its own resolutions and laws, The Hindu, Tue, June 02, 2009

The Mysore City Corporation (MCC) has a penchant for breaking its own resolutions and laws.

A case in point is the public meeting called on June 8 to seek public opinion on whether to axe more than 200+ trees on either side of Lalitha Mahal Road adjoining the Karanji lake. The rationale for tree felling is of course road-widening to reduce traffic congestion. But the question asked by citizens is can't the authorities divert traffic to reduce the congestion, which is a viable long-term and permanent solution?

It was only recently that the MCC passed a resolution declaring the area in a radius of 1 km around the Lalitha Mahal Palace as a restricted zone in a bid to conserve its beauty. But now another wing of the MCC is out to violate what the council adopted.

But this is not the first time that the MCC has acted in such a manner. The corporation, in the past, has adopted a series of resolutions on building bylaw and restrictions on commercial hoardings in view of the city's heritage character. And on each occasion they have been flouted.

Rumours have it that there is another resolution in the offing to conserve heritage buildings. Heritage lovers are now perturbed as given the MCC's track record these structures may be doomed.


Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್

Corporator Mafia wants Trees Chopped


Corporators, citizens support felling of trees for road work

Mysore, June 11 (MRS&DM)- There has been a growing support for Lalitha Mahal Road widening by felling trees and the Corporators of the surrounding areas have extended their support to the people.

The 58th Ward Corporator Ananthu told Star of Mysore yesterday that a public meeting has been called at the Arch Gate near Lalitha Mahal at 11 am on June 15 to gather public opinion and the concerned Corporators will participate in the meeting.

Many Corporators including Mahadevamma, P. Devaraj, Rukmini Madegowda, Shantu Nesan will participate and interact with the public. A signature campaign in support of widening the road will be held on the occasion, he explained.

Condemning the opposition to the project from the so-called environmentalists and progressive activists at the public hearing called by Forest Department on Monday, Ananthu said that these environmentalists and NGOs are interested in only obstructing good work.

"Hundreds of vehicles ply on this road everyday and many accidents are being reported almost every other day. These activists do not have any concern for the lives of people," he said.

"Let us co-operate for widening the road by felling trees. The road widening work has been taken up under the Rs. 100 crore special grant provided by the Chief Minister and everyone should extend their co-operation for this work," he added.

Thousands of saplings can be planted elsewhere to compensate the felled trees, he suggested.

Forest wealth is being looted by felling trees in Nagarhole, Bandipur and Karepura forests. He asked why the environmentalists did not protest.

Traffic density is on the increase in the city and as such the activists should join hands in developmental works instead of opposing the road widening. If not, an agitation will be held against them with the support of people who are for road widening, he cautioned.

Ananthu pointed out that trees were felled down to construct a star hotel opposite Mysore Race Course Club House. Trees were also felled to build a commercial complex at Makkaji Chowk. 

Similarly, trees were felled near Kalamandira and in Sidda-rtha Layout with the permission of Forest Department.

"But why the Forest Department does not grant permission now and where all these environmentalists had gone then?" he asked.

Prominent personalities and senior citizens of the city will be invited for the June 15 meeting. A people's movement for road widening by felling trees will be formally launched then, Ananthu further explained.

For more information, contact Ananthu over Mob: 94498-41058.

Corporator - Official - Contractor Nexus

It is well known that a Corporator - Official - Contractor Nexus exists all over our state. Such a highly corrupt mafia wants only one thing - $$$$$ - at any cost.

This mafia is going all out to destroy the trees.

I URGE MGP, ACICM and other NGOs to turn up in large numbers for this meeting proposed on June 15th.

If the Corporators are so concerned about pedestrians - shouldn't they press for road dividers, street lights, proper and scientifically designed speed breakers, zebra crossings and of late the recent "magic box" subways?

No they will not - 200+ trees in the black markets fetches Rs. 4 Crores and this mafia want to extract their pound of flesh from this exercise. 

I urge the Prajegalu to act!

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Bangalore trying hard to save trees - Mysore letting it go easy.

Bangalore is opposing the trees cutting on RV Road for Metro Rail. Metro rail, such an important mass transport itself is being opposed for saving trees, whereas the Mysoreans are ready to sacrifice a similar road with very less traffic just for road widening which may or may not solve any purpose!!!

Mysoreans... awake..


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KSTPA's objections to tree felling/cutting: Press Release Jun 10

                        Karanji and Siddharthanagar Tax Payers' Association or KSTPA, Mysore

                        MüÉUÎleÉ/MüÉUÇÎeÉ AÉæU ÍxÉ®jÉïlÉaÉU MüUSÉiÉAÉåÇ/cÉlSSÉUÉåÇ Mü/MüÉ xÉÇbÉ/xÉlbÉ, qÉæxÉÔU

                                         National and Regional Press Release dated Wed, June 10, 2009



Whomsoever it may concern


The Online petition to save Mysore trees may please be accessed / viewed at


The Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Road or JLB Road was widened in the late '90s at the expense of footpaths or pavements by mercilessly/ruthlessly butchering several full-grown roadside trees after the Karnataka State Forest Department had made a public commitment promising that it'd plant a particular type/species of roadside trees that would grow like rockets within no time. This commitment / promise unfortunately remains broken / breached / unfulfilled till date.The road from city court complex leading to RTO and Somasundar (Race Course) Circle is a well-laid double road with four lanes - two on each side - and tree felling does not lead to any significant gain in space. Similarly, the Vani Vilas Double Road leading to Somasundar (Race Course) Circle is again a double road and roads must not be widened at the expense of footpaths / pavements.

The KSTPA requests the MCC (Mysore City Corporation) to complete the ORR (Outer Ring Road) at the earliest and the Mysore City Traffic Police to ensure the diversion of the Heavy Traffic Vehicles or HTVs from the T. Narsipura Road which enter the Lalitha Mahal Road and the city to reduce the traffic congestion. The generous JNNURM funds from the centre must not be misused to desertify the entire Mysore City in the name of road widening and development.

As the Mysore DC or Deputy Commissioner Mr. Manivannan rightly pointed out, maintaining urban forestry is one of the primary/important functions of the urban local/civic bodies like the MCC and MUDA. This obviously means the green cover should not be invaded unnecessarily. So there's absolutely no need to widen the road from the city court complex to the T. Narsipura Road.

Based on the above mentioned facts the KSTPA reques the Forest Department is requested not to grant any permission to the MCC (Mysore City Corporation), MUDA (Mysore Urban Development Authority), Mysore City Traffic Police, CHESCOM/CESCOM and BSNL for the indiscriminate, rash / reckless, negligent and merciless / ruthless axing / felling / butchering / trimming / pruning of trees anywhere in Mysore City in the name of development / trimming / pruning either now or in the future.

For Karanji and Siddharthanagar Tax Payers' Association or KSTPA, Mysore City

Syed Tanveeruddin


Wed, June 10, 2009 at 10:30 PM Indian Standard Time or IST

I first sent the press release (KSTPA's objections to tree felling/cutting) and the petition

to the regional and national press (print and electronic media).

I sent its copy to:

01) Ministry of Urban Development, GoI

02) Department of Public Grievances, GoI

03) Karnataka Forest Department (Officers concerned at the dist and state level)

4) Chief Minister

05) Chief Secretary, GoK

06) Additional Chief Secretary, GoK

07) DPAR, GoK

08) Ministry of Urban Development, GoK

09) Deputy Commissioner, Mysore

10) Home Secretary, GoK

11) DGP and IGP, Karnataka

12) Karnataka Police HQs

13) Commissioner of Police, Mysore

14) MUDA

15) MCC Commissioner

16) Mayor Mysore

17) Superintending Engineer, MCC

18) Assistant Commissioners of Zone 1 to Zone 9

19) Ministry of Environment and Forests or MoEF



Syed Tanveeruddin

Karanji and Siddharthanagar Tax Payers' Association or KSTPA

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ThanQ Green Warriors-nexus wants to nudge/push/pull the greens

Dear All

Thank you green warriors. 

-   Whether to attend such sponsored/politicised meeting on 15th at the Arch Gate of Lalitha Mahal Road is a question that is haunting us - the fragile boned elders who have one thing in their minds - a green world for posterity. 

Whether such a meeting and its decision or the signature campaign will be final is a different matter. 

-   The hidden agenda appears to be  to corner the green warriors, nudge them, push them, pull them in the melee that follows and make them fall (literally) and give up their fight against mutilators of mother nature!? 

-  When DCF has already passed orders in public on 8th June 2009 that no permission will be given to fell those wonderful herbal and other trees on the Narasimharaja Boulevard, this meeting called for by an ex-Mayor smacks of political poking aided by sponsored  vested interests.

- Vasanth: Where R U?  Who is letting it go easy? Mysoreans have already succeeded in getting a public announcement by the DCF on 8th June 09 public hearing of - tree court(?) - that permission is hereby denied for felling 137 trees on the boulevard.   The present public meeting proposed on 15th instant smacks of sponsored / politicized event with a hidden agenda. We have already saved the trees from AXE effect.

-   Vasanth Mysoremath


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The economic and environment

The economic and the environment aren't good friends. It's a pity that the economic are always more important than environment .
Despite that when people earn money with the environment, we will pay the future consequences with our money.  The goverment must protect the environment because the money can't be plant the money to create tree when the trees disappear definitely.

Create online poll

Greed and More Greed

The lust for ill gotten wealth is deeply enmeshed into the psyche of a lot of Indians. Especially the ruling lot. They will even sell their mothers if the deal is good!

Such entrenched corruption and malaise is more prenecious in India than in Africa!

God save India! 

Mysoreans - Show your strength on June 15th

It is NOW or NEVER - Wake up civic minded citizens - confront this corrupt mafia once and for all.

I reccomend MGP and ACICM meet good souls like P Manivannan and Mr Parashivamurthy, the top cop of Mysore and request police protection and attend this meeting called by former corporators.

We have to show our strength and confront the bull by it's horns! 

The Battle was won - Can we win the final war? YES WE CAN


This should be our motto.

Lets organise ourselves and do a satyagraha on June 15th! Say YES, WE  CAN! 

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Good initiative- online opinion poll.. I have created a poll...


Thanks. I have created and posted it online. Hope I have done it correctly.

Vasanth Mysoremath


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It is all about corruption - neta, babu and contractor nexus

I'd like to clarify only one of them (Jayanna) is a former corporator. All the four of them are the residents of Siddharthanagar. This includes the corporator of ward number 63.

Jayanna the former BJP corporator of Kurubaarahalli had stood on a Congress ticket in Siddharthanagar only to lose the election.

Presently (as on today) two of them are from BJP and two from the Congress. One of them stood for elections as an independent was lured into the BJP. The second one had to be arrested in person by the then Mysore police commissioner Mr. Bhaskar Rao in the middle of the night just before the elections for carrying a gun and swords in/on his four wheeler.

If not for Mr. Bhaskar Rao others (DCP, ACP, Inspector and SI) would've allowed him to get away as no one would've come forward to give witness against the arrested corporator. He was the then corporator of Siddharthanagar.

The third one has two residences. One is in Kurubarahalli and the other in Kuvempunagar but stays in Kuvempunagar. He was the corporator of Kurubarahalli.

So when four corporators who believe in muscle power meet it would be unfortunately foolish to expect a civilised debate. I don't think that their chelas / chamchas who are anti-social elements would ever carry out a civilised signature campaign. We can expect contractors and their assistants to attend the meeting.

I personally think that we should not legitimise this meeting called by politicians who don't have any principles other than selling the lakes, trees, cities and the country in the name of development. In my view the best thing seems not to attend it and allow them to shout, whine and complain.

The politicians seem annoyed as they can't earn their share of money as commission from the Rs.100 crore released by the state government and an unspecified amount from the JNNURM Funds if the Lalitha Mahal road is not widened.

It is all about corruption and the neta/politician, babu/official/bureaucrat and contractor nexus.

Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್

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Spoke to Ananthu yesterday,

Spoke to Ananthu yesterday, he says -

- too many accidents on this road

- 100 crs may go waste; MCC & State Govt may never release these funds on thier own

- people who participated in 8th Jun hearing were 'outsiders'

- trees to be cut only if necessary (dont know how to ascertain this)

- HE WILL SUPPORT IF ANY WORKABLE ALTERNATIVES ARE PROVIDED; indirectly have to impress that pavements/cycle tracks, etc too can be money spinners and not just roads

We can expect a good coverage with masala in SoM for this event.

I will be in Mys from 19-21 and will gather info for preparing alternative plan. 


Alternative Design necessary

The following options can be considered:

1.) Skywalks for Pedestrians

2.) Magic Box type subways for Pedestrians

3.) Adequate Road Dividers and Properly Marked Lanes with cat eyes etc

4.) Signals


Alternative Suggestion by Ms JNS Vanaja

Vide Star of Mysore:




There is a lot of debate going on whether to cut trees on Lalitha Mahal Road in the name of expansion to reduce traffic congestion. I have a suggestion for consideration by decision-makers.

On either side of this road, there are large size lawns in front of the ATI, Sports Club on one side and in front of Jockey Quarters and Police Grounds, which can be made use for road widening.

Keep the existing road intact, after upgrading. The trees on either side can be retained by making those two parts as two dividers raised to a height of visibility of the roots on the ground, may be of 10' width. On either side, acquire 20' of land of not much used lawns from its owners and make a 2-lane road on each side.

The existing road can be used for heavy vehicles and the 2-lane two new roads on either side for other vehicles. Maybe the Police personnel can suggest better on the utilisation.

We may have to have two additional bridges on two sides of the present bridge at the start of the road in line with the new roads proposed. These roads can be stretched up to the reach of Ring Road behind Lalitha Mahal. This road will be like that of Kantharaj Urs Road from under bridge to Ballal Circle.

It may be argued by tree-lovers that this may also lead to some tree cutting. But in my opinion, there may be less trees cut than in the proposal.

I hope, the decision-makers will give a thought on this.

— J.N.S. Vanaja on email



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150+ signatures from all over world -save 137 trees 'i-petition'

Dear all

The 'ipetition' by Tanveer (Indian)  has scored well

- Mr.Mani Sir, DCF Madam, please have a look...

- More than 150 green warriors from all over the world ..New Jersey, California etc., have signed the petition - follow this link and have a look at who all -


- From the points listed by you, after talking to Ananthu, it looks like he has been misled by some people.  His word 'outsiders' smacks of how he has been misled.

- Mysore is turning out to be another hell hole like Bengaluru - there appears to be an increase in occupancy of roads in CBD by vehicles - this is a clear indication and what is in store for Mysoru.  Regional RTO can throw some light on whether is an increase in registration of vehicles and give statistics.

- With this in view, the present road widening by authorities may not suffice and within another 5 years, another hazardous widening of the road may have to be resorted to - result: the wonderful avenue will be destroyed for nothing. This can be made understandable to Mr.Ananthu who seems to have been influenced/ sponsored by certain red mutilators of nature.  You will have to make him understand that his children also have to live with some greenery around.

- Vasanth Mysoremath



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Who's an outsider or an insider? Most corporators are outsiders

It is very strange to learn that people belonging to various dedicated NGOs who had come from far off localities like Yadavagiri, Vijayanagar/Vijaynagar, Kuvempunagar, Tilaknagar,..  by finding time from their busy schedules for a good / noble cause have been unfortunately referred to as outsiders. Some of them were senior citizens.

This is ungratefulness at its peak. He should be ashamed of himself.

But who's is an insider? Is Ananthu an insider when he doesn't represent the ward number 63 (Siddharthanagar and Kurubarahalli/Kurubaarahalli) but just stays in Siddharthanagar?

Former corporator Jayanna who's now staying/residing in Kuvempunagar seems very interested to interfere too just because his another residence is in Kurubarahalli / Kurubaarahalli.

Why did the people of some other wards vote outsiders like Devaraj and Ananthu as corporators when they're outsiders to their own respective wards? Is Ananthu inspired by the MNS Chief Raj Thackeray of Mumbai/Maharashtra?

People making such irresponsible statements / comments / remarks (outsiders) should keep their mouths shut.

Despite being a law abiding citizen I'd unfortunately feel like slapping a person who calls me an outsider. This is because as per the constitution an Indian citizen is free to move around freely anywhere in India and express his/her views.

Moreover, global warming and climate change are global problems which need to be tackled globally and not locally on/in one particular road / locality of Mysore City.

Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್ comment guidelines

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