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Vehicle registration rate dips in Bengaluru


Media has reported that during the last six months number of vehicles being added to the city roads has come down drastically -

Car population 10.8 per cent is more than growth of people - 3.8 per cent - traffic study

Six months ago: Each RTO - Daily 100 cars / 150 two wheelers were being registered

May 2009 : 10 cars / 50 two wheelers

Augurs well for namma Bengaluru

- Let us all pray that this trend must continue to safeguard old Bengaluru

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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Temporary phase, sadly

I'd desperately like to believe that it's because the city has seen sense and is moving towards sustainable transport.

However, I know it is because of the economic downturn. The moment the upturn is confirmed, we'll be back to the old equation:

                         India shining = Automobile numbers rising.


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Bad Public T=More Pvt. T

Not rocket science, but now that we have an eco downturn, we should better our PT+Ped infra so when the people get money back in their pockets we can make them spend it on... umm... err... non bio degradable FMCG?

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And, that will bring us back

And, that will bring us back to    this    (sung to the tune of 'doe, a deer, a female deer - - - ')

Muralidhar Rao

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