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Harassed by Automen- excess fare? tampered meter? Official Help is at hand !

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Transport authorities and Legal Metrology Departments have provided the following email IDs for lodging complaints on harassing auto drivers.  

Caution: Before getting into the Auto, please make it a point to note down the Auto No., and if available, Driver's name and other details so that you can have proper alibis and evidence of proof.  Take a close look at the face of the Auto driver and note down if there are any visible identifiable marks on his face and other precautions.

Instruct your family members also to do so, particularly, ladies who are taken for a double whammy ride by unscrupulous auto drivers.  Let them not make it look obvious otherwise, the Automen will get more irritated and may even resort to unruly behavior.  Always keep a small note pad and a pen and also a Pepper Spray or some 'kharaapudi/Chillie powder'.

In case of 

-demand for excess fare:

- tampered auto meter: or

- Harassment:  Report to nearest police station (do not forget to note down auto No.

Source: Dec. Chronicle dated 23rd July 09


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'State to clamp down on faulty autometers'-Elec.meter not a must

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Source: Dec.Chronicle 10-8-09 pg.4 

Gist:  - Transport Dept has directed Metrology Dept to manufacture tamper proof auto meters with such embeded software that becomes non-functional, when tampering is tried.

-TC writes to Govt to empower RTAuthority and RTOs to penalise auto drivers who indulge in malpractice.

- Stats: 3.5 lakh regd. Autos in State  - 85,000 running in namma Bengaluru, 20,000 non-existent .

- Transport guidelines says that Electronic meters are not mandatory.

- Auto meter mfd by 4 companies and being used can easily be tampered.

- Autos are altering the silencers to get more mileage and it is recorded that cacaphony has increased by 10-15 per cent compared with the National Ambient Noise.  Squads will be set up to...???



- With all these  loopholes in laws, in the knowledge of State authorities, why were they acting like sleeping partners without any kind of activity and without necessary powers for ensuring safety, security and justice for auto users?

- Did their duties, powers and responsibilities ended with just issuing lucrative permits and to re-issue secondary permits by exploiting the non-existent autos?

- Is the State really serious to help harassed auto users when they concerned transport authorities are like snakes without fangs?

- Is there any necessity to spend so much of public money in paying salaries, pensions etc., to such powerless authorities?

- Are the Netas who have close association with Automenace Unions failed in their sanctimoneous duty of safeguarding the interest of the aam aadmi/auto users? 

- Prajas may like to add some more queries

- Fit material for PIL?

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