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First interview - issue or no-issues

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This might be interesting to all of you.... that last night we attempted to do our first candidate interview (for praja and the questionnaire includes the top issues  on our praja poll !

The BJP candidate for bangalore central, was given the questions beforehand, I think he didnt really bother to look at it.. Then he gave us an appointment, kept us waiting 4 hrs,(we epected that, so no probelm) turned up close to midnight and then took one look at the questions and asked for time (3 days)  to think about it.

So no interview yet , but a good insight into this candiate's mindset, as far as top issues go.
maybe we should also poll our candidates on their top issues?



While being totally engrossed at work i just happened to read this and could not help but smile:)

Gives an insight as to how seriously these candidates will look at this initiative....

@Jenny- how do you plan to find out their top issues :D ??

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they are a busy lot ...

... so they'd be more interested in outlets that have serious numbers, or bigger outreach. 3000+ person survey is sizable enough, and it did throw up very "urban sounding" issues that surprised us.

In the days of increasing focus on the mythical Aam Adami ("one size fits all" approach, which the parties must realize is outdated - just see how strong the regional parties have become, why?), do I, the urban voter, have to be content with 3 Rs a kg rice promises and alike?

Urban voters need some targeted messaging and promises, why is not coming yet?

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The reason I think is that

 The reason I think is that the urban populace isn't a big vote bank for them. Not many urbanites actually turn out to vote. If the politicians realize that the urban voters can swing elections based on their messaging, they'll definitely look at us and start talking to us too.

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If Bangalore has a 75% turnout...

then they will listen.  Till then they will treat us as electoral nobodies. 

No option but to go out and vote election after election.  Hopefully 2009 gets people out into the booths.

My biggest hope is that if there is a good turnout in the LS then for the next state elections where Bangalore has some 28 seats we can expect some ears to our issues as well


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