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Peaceful living disturbed in Heritage City of Mysore

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Appeal to all peace loving citizens of Mysore:

Dear friends,

Mysore is a beautiful city and people of all religions have lived with "Unity in Diversity".  But once in a while the simmering shocks of unrest unleashes its ugly head and creates so much of pain and panic in the minds of people living in certain areas where there seems to be a perennial problem of discontent and hatredness.  This is not a good sign and should not be allowed to be continued for generations. It has to be put down once and for all.  It is now or never.

  • This is not a good sign of communal harmony and amity.  This unwanted happening in the city during the last few days resulting in the death of a few persons has disturbed the minds of peace loving people of Mysore city and it has gone to the extent of uprooting a few families from a few areas who had to flee for safety and security. 


India is a country of diversities.  Indians have proved that they are capable of living with peace and harmony despite following different religions.  If one travels the length and breadth of India, one can find within a distance of 150 kms, divergent scenarios, language, tradition, culture, dress code and societal behaviors.  Such is the massive difference in Mahaan Bharat.

  • Please, let us live in peace and not pieces for the sake of creating a loving and harmoneous world for our future generations.  Not a world of hatredness, blood and gore but a green world of love and peace.

  • None of the Gods nor the scriptures have ever advised hatredness against other human beings.  All of them beckon human beings to be representatives of the gods they worship.  If we fail to do this, we will be failing in our fundamental respect towards the gods and the scriptures.



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