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Hapazard house numbering-Can Mysore create history?

Spotting a house with a number assigned by the municipal authorities in any city or urban aglomeration, has always been an unhappy experience. Every street has houses that are hapazardly numbered, have totally different numbers and there is lot of confusion with absolutely no sense of orderliness in assigning numbers to houses in a scientific manner. Every time a khata is transferred or bifurcated or trifurcated, new numbers are assigned. 

One suggestion that can be given is, the numbering should be such that when uploaded to GPS systems, they could be in a position to pin point the exact location and with a little imaginative GIS system one can reach their place without much hassel;

Suggestion for renumbering - first three digits could be house numbers, next two-cross/main roads, next two digits-ward numbers-next six digits-pincode -

Real time example: With reference to above - 101-2/3-43-570021 - my house number is 101, it is located in 2nd cross/3rd main in ward 43 and My post office/district/State pin code is  570021.

My request to our proactive DC and his officers is to take this citizen centric 'puzzle' seriously in Mysore as the first city to undertake a pilot project that can be replicable, economical and citizen friendly so that it can create a benchmark for the rest of the cities to follow.  It can be done departmentally through the Revenue Inspectors because they know the topography and details of the property of all localities in a near perfect manner. Or else the entire project can be outsourced but it may cost the exchequer a tidy sum.

Instead, attractive incentives can be offered to the Revenue office staff of MCC and others involved so that they will put their heart and soul to complete the job in a perfect manner. This way, the job can be done much quicker and the time lag/cost thereof that goes into understanding this problem by an outsourced agency can be avoided. Not to mention, such renumbering will help the MCC to have a realistic statistical information about exact number of houses and helps in improved tax collection as well.

There is nothing impossible in this world and life could be beautiful (conditions apply)!!

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