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Road Rage

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This mornings paper had a rather disturbing story

Clearly this is the beginning of things to come. While in this case the pedestrian was allegedly intoxicated it clear that the increased crowds and traffic on Brigade road and the CBD will only lead to more such incidents. I have, on occasion, gotten really angry with drivers honking on me while walking on Church street.

What is the solution ? I hope this incldent makes the people in control realize that they need to to improve the pedestrian infrastructure there - as well as on every other part of of the city. Brigade road should be pedestrianized - and if not that - at least ban parking and widen the footpath. With the number of people and illegal foopath hawkers it is pretty much impossible for people to walk there comfortably and people are sometimes forced to walk on the road. It is absurd - but they have signs threatening to give tickets to jaywalkers ! Drivers are unhappy as they are under a lot of stress - with people as well as other cars backing out from the parking. Its like most weddings - where people go  thinking they will have a good time - but everyone is so stressed from the noise and chaos that no one is actually enjoying anything.

Church street certainly can be pedestrianized. What `they' - whoever `they' are - need to do is to allow minimal traffic to the hotels and residents but certainly not allow any through traffic from Bridage road to Museum road. There is no need for that.



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