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The 1 Rupee Dilemma

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The 1 Rupee Dilemma is how i would call it.

The board a Bus from Jeevanahalli to Shivajinagar on a regular basis. The cost of the Bus ticket is Rs 9. 

So, I regularly pay a Rs 10 note as that is easier and i frequently do not get Rs 1 in return. Reason "No Change". And i am not alone. It is regular for Bus conductors to forfiet Rs 1 from all the passengers in the name of No change. Some have to forfiet Rs 2 or 3 depending on their Stop. If any passenger tries even to object then they are returned Rs 10 and shouted at to give an exact Rs 9 fare esle get down immediately.

Some bus numbers where it has been happening regulary 

1) KN 01 F 3781

2) KA 01 F 4643

The above 2 busses never seem to have any change for ticket priced up to Rs 9. They just deny, even when their Bags are Jingling with Coins. Best part is they do not check also, and point blank refure to have change.

If i am spending Rs 1 every day for To and Fro and for 20 days, I am actually paying Rs 40 to the conducter in a month. Imagine if even 100 people are losing Rs 40 then the conductor is having an additional Rs 4000 without the Bus agencies knowing it. I would rather pay to Gov instead of the conducters who enjoy this additional amount 

Suggestion to Bus Agencies:

Either increase the Fare to Rs 10 which would seem atleast justified that we are paying Gov and not Bus conductors as i am sure they do not report this additional earning which they get


Issue coins to them when they board for their trips and not have harressed passengers for a small sum of Rs 1 or Rs 2.

All yours Nammu Bengaluru



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BMTC card

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they should issue a card which users can recharge and pay with the card to conductor. This will free us from all hassles and fights with conductors. There was a proposal from centre to inroduce a money card which can be used for all purposes but there are no updates recently about its developments. Also the use of card for payments eases the amount of accounting work for BMTC.

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BMTC ePass.

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This issues/suggestions were passed on to BMTC many times via email and in direct discussion as well. BMTC is not interested in making any user-friendly features. Be it idea of facebook page or ePass. 

Related thread here. But as Prajas always we can keep retrying to work with BMTC..

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Flat ticket prices?

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I think that it is commuters responsibility to tender exact amount to a conductor. Conductor may provide you with change but it is not his responsbility. I have seen this abroad. If you pay anything more than required for your stop, conductor(most of the times it is driver)  doesnt return any change.


how about having flat fares like. 5,10,15 and 20Rs. instead of charging for every one or two stops. This way it be easier for conductors and commuters. This may not be a permanent solution but atleast subsides the current issue. I think, this will not require radical changes from BMTC side so they may show interest.... comment guidelines

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