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Landfill unit begins operation


After much protest from the public, landfill site for hazardous wastes developed by the State government in Dobbespet has started its operation. Hyderabad based Ramky Environmental Management Pvt Ltd, the service provider at the site, has been collecting hazardous waste from industries, since June 19, this year. So far the service provider has collected 1,800 tonnes of hazardous waste. The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has entrusted the job of lifting the waste and dumping the same at the landfill unit in Dobbespet, to the service provider.

Get business friendly

An international team of researchers has just released a Global Urban Competitiveness Report, which takes stock of 500 cities around the world. New York has been found to be the most competitive city in the world, followed, in that order, by London, Tokyo, Paris and Washington, DC.

RTI through Consumer Clubs

THE Right to Information Act makes it obligatory on the part of the Government to educate the public about RTI. By this time the Central and State Governments should have published user guides to help citizens use RTI effectively. Now after three years, there is talk of introducing RTI in the school syllabus. For more, click on:

Muralidhar Rao

Rs 8,830 mn - bribe paid by just BPL households last year

The level of corruption is "alarming" in the states of Assam, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, says a new survey based on experience of BPL households in availing various public services last year.

The "India Corruption Study 2007", brought out by NGOs Transparency International India (TII) and Centre for Media Studies (CMS), found that about one-third of Below Poverty Line (BPL) households in the country bribed officials to avail a total of 11 services - from police to PDS.

Hope for green belt? - breaking news


CAF's counsel in their "Master Plan PIL" has informed as below:

After hearing the arguments at length, the Division Bench of the Hon'ble Chief Justice and Justice V Gopalagowda was today pleased to pass an interim order that any approvals in the Green Belt of 714 km under the '95 CDP shall be subject to further orders of the Court.

Water supply PPP

Nagpur Municipal Corporation has invited for 'Expression of Interest' for pre-qualification for bidding for its 24x7 City Water Supply Project, on PPP basis. Should Bangalore follow suit?

Through its ad on page 15 Sunday TOI (dt 10/08/08, click on right-side bottom corner at

where's the level playing field?

BSNL has prime real estate, access to the best spectrum, has been guaranteed priority spectrum for 3G, and by virtue of its state-owned status, will always have a line of sight into spectrum.

Apparently, you can never possibly have a level playing field as long as government player is also in the picture. Is that a satisfactory scenario?

Reproducing the text of the article by Shalini Singh, which appeared in the TOI on 9th Aug, under the caption "BSNL unions question IPO valuation"

50 MW to be restored - but, why was it cut?


The power situation in the state may improve with the Centre promising to restore supply of 50 MW power, which was earlier reduced from the state's unallocated share and transferred to Andhra Pradesh. Read more at:

Sandalwood helpline

State Forest Department on Saturday launched the awaited 24/7 ‘Sandalwood Helpline Service’. Launching the service, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Forest Resource Management) M Muni Reddy said, "This helpline service has been launched as a pilot project in Bangalore and will be extended soon to other vulnerable areas in a phased manner".

Coincidentally, sandalwood came up for discussions on PRAJA just last week at

in place of Race Course, what?

What's coming up in the place supposedly being vacated by the Race Course? According to a TOI piece sometime back, underground parking lots will be constructed. However, no mention has been made about the ground level: public space? shops and malls?

Shastri had brought this up in the passing in this comment where he had stated that:

According to this hindu story, there is no mention of an integrated transport hub. Apparently they want to keep the space as a open green space with an underground parking lot

The matter came up for discussion recently in a Yahoogroup, which I thought fit to migrate here

land auction to raise funds for infrastructure development - the right way to go?

The Revenue department is set to begin auctioning valuable government land in and around Bangalore to fulfil Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappas promises in budget 2008-09.

The department officials have already identified 61 acres of government land of various survey numbers spread across all five taluks of the district, for auction as the first installment. "The date of auction will be finalised shortly, and it is expected to fetch around Rs 90 crore," official sources said.


There's a local saying that if you do your 50%, God will do the remaining 50%.

Our CM quoted in today's TOI: "I have implicit faith in God. I went to Tirupati temple and cried before the Lord around 4.30 am. I asked him why 5.5 crore people in the state are being punished for no fault of theirs. Our prayers have been answered with good rain’’.

God is doing his bit faithfully year after year. Is man's bit only to pray to God?

Muralidhar Rao

Just how to regulate wisely - remains the question today

In the West, the Left tries to conserve the welfare state. The liberal, economic right wants to dismantle it. Beyond that, the distinctions are blurred. The Right has accepted transfers to the poor but it wants them to be efficient. The Left no longer wants government to run businesses. Few oppose the market - the debate is on how to regulate it wisely. Read more in this TOI column.

Welcome development in the power sector


The report in the papers about Karnataka's plan to set up a 2000 MW power plant in Chhattisgarh (vide report captioned 'Chhattisgarh plant to ease power woes' on page 7, TOI of 23rd July - the text is reproduced below, since, apparently because of a goof up by TOI, the 'link' is taking it to a diffrent text) denotes a refreshing change in the mind-set of the powers that be heading the state power sector.

Tree vandalisation, suspect - Lifestyle

Malls are a reality in today's world, whether one is prepared to accept them or not. While the main grouse against them is that they cause severe congestion, particularly when located at already busy traffic junctions without sufficient attention having been paid to channelise the increased traffic flow, there would, on the other hand, certainly be a fairly large section of the local population who welcome their presence in such close proximity. The Oasis mall in Koramangala is one such, about which debates on similar lines can go on endlessly.

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