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Hope for green belt? - breaking news

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CAF's counsel in their "Master Plan PIL" has informed as below:

After hearing the arguments at length, the Division Bench of the Hon'ble Chief Justice and Justice V Gopalagowda was today pleased to pass an interim order that any approvals in the Green Belt of 714 km under the '95 CDP shall be subject to further orders of the Court.

The Court orally overruled the request for time to file objections made by the respondents (BDA & GoK), and has also indicated (orally) that our other grievances regarding zoning can be considered at an early hearing, or be brought before the Court if there is any urgent development.

The certified copy shall be furnished upon receipt.

Muralidhar Rao


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KA HC Interim Order

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Court passes interim order on revised CDP The Hindu Case: Public interest litigation (PIL) petition by Citizens Action Forum and several other residents of Bangalore challenging the revised Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) notified by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA). Petitioner's Argument: The petitioners contended that under the revised CDP of 2007, the BDA permitted mixed zonal regulations in and around Bangalore apart from reducing the greenbelt area. They said in the 2005 CDP, the greenbelt was over 700 km but that this had been substantially reduced in the revised CDP. They said the revised CDP gave the go-by to Section 14 (A) of the BDA Act which made it mandatory for users to obtain prior sanction of the Government before they could seek change in the land use. Moreover, the revised CDP permitted commercial and semi-commercial activity in residential areas. They urged the court to quash the revised CDP and direct the authorities to ensure that persons seeking change in the lands use did so only after applying under Section 14 (A). Interim Order: The KA HC in an interim order, said any sanction or permission for change in land use in the greenbelt area around Bangalore would be subject to the result of the writ petition. A Division Bench comprising the Chief Justice, P.D. Dinakaran and Justice V. Gopala Gowda passed an interim order saying that any change affected in the land use in the greenbelt area would be subject to the result of the writ petition. The Bench adjourned hearing of the case. -----------------------------------------
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green belt

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What does the order mean? any change affected in the land use in the greenbelt area would be subject to the result of the writ petition. change in land use still possible? but you have to file a writ petition before the court? or that there is already a writ petition and its ruling will determine possibility of land use? comment guidelines

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