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Jayanagar TTMC - Increase the parking space

Does anyone know as to why there is ONLY one floor available for parking at the Jayanagar TTMC? The TTMC was constructed with Govt. funds, and should have provided more floors for parking, but instead BMTC seems to want to earn revenue by renting space for offices.


Why are there no Platform Screen Doors or equivalent on Bangalore Metro?

As per wikipedia ( , Kochi Metro plans to install Platform Screen Doors on all stations.


1. Is the life of a Bangalorean is less valuable?

Cycling down Nanda Main Road - partially

In May 2008 I had walked down Nanda Main Road from 45th cross (Ring Road) to South End Signal and back documenting through pictures the trees that formed the boulevard. I had, like many others, assumed that many trees were likely to be extensively trimmed, if not cut down completely.

Bangalore Metro and Pedestrian rights

Wanted to review Bangalore Metro's approach to pedestrians.

Pedestrian walkway beneath the metro line
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