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September 2010

OMR & CMH Roads - Amenities

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'Two-Way delight?' (Ref.TOI report dt. 18th Sept).

National Rural Health Statistics!

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Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website has lot of statistics and data on National RuralHealth Mission. Very interesting to find that at thispoint of time, in our beloved country Primary Health Centers are run without water and power supply.

Couresy - Indian Helath Ministry


Motorcycles kill more than BMTC buses?


An interesting stat in the data sets from Traffic police - despite all the negative talk about BMTC drivers (tabloids love it), motor cycles accidents result in more deaths on city roads than BMTC buses. Further, tractors cause more deaths on city roads than taxis and maxi cabs combined. So much for the yellow plate trash talk :)

Health Indicators of Karnataka State

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Request to KMF society to reduce use of plastic materials for distributing Milk products


As we climb the Chamundi Hills Banglore, we get to see a warning board requesting us to keep the place free of plastics. I was happy to see it as I drove up. A visit to the temple and then to the exclusive Nandini Shoppe let me down completely. The outlet is selling milk products in plastic sachets which are thrown around by customers after consumption. comment guidelines

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