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Request to KMF society to reduce use of plastic materials for distributing Milk products

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As we climb the Chamundi Hills Banglore, we get to see a warning board requesting us to keep the place free of plastics. I was happy to see it as I drove up. A visit to the temple and then to the exclusive Nandini Shoppe let me down completely. The outlet is selling milk products in plastic sachets which are thrown around by customers after consumption. Why not they start using “Aseptic Packaging materials” to pack and distribute milk products. It will be environment friendly and more cost effective. I am sure Indian Packaging Industry has advanced technological know-how to come out with economically and environment friendly products for manufactures and consumers.

I request KARNATAKA CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS' FEDERATION LIMITED society to reduce use of plastic materials for distributing milk products.


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 I remember recycling the plastic covers of milk sachets in the 80's & 90's because the return price from recycling were decent for the standard of living at that time. R12/kg of plastic milk covers today doesnt go as far as the R10/kg used to go 20 yrs earlier.

Maybe its time to go back to the bottle with a good return price for recycling the bottle, the onus on getting the bottle back should be on the milkman/vendor or he be docked the return price for the same. Milkman collecting the bottle back used to be the practice in the 70's.

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plastic bags for road asphalting..

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I think there is an overdrive on the 'don't use plastics'.

Now that plastics have been used as a good road adhesive while asphalting the road and BBMP is using for its own roads ,sufficient publicity  should be given for rollection of used plastics  bagsfor recycling in consturuction of roads. shouldn't BBMP do this? comment guidelines

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