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September 2010

Number of vehicles registered in Bangalore

Number of Motor Vehicles registered & kept for use in Bangalore city, 1976 to 2009 (UPTO 31.12.2009)


Number and Type of Violations

Data on traffic violations, by type - comparative statement: M.V. ACT  Cases booked for years 2006 TO 2010 in Bangalore City:


Kar-nataka live!


Independent MLA and Sports and Textile Minister Goolihatti Shekhar threatened to commit suicide if dropped from the Cabinet. Sagar MLA Belur Gopalakrishna, who claims to have the support of over 20 MLAs, threatened that they will resign en masse if he is not made minister.

BBMP's bike lanes on tree lines


Now BBMP wants to lay a 5.15-km-long bike lane which, it believes, jauntily pedalling commuters would use to merrily ride to work and cycle enthusiasts would find their path to recreation for which the civic body also wants to fell over 850 trees in the name of road widening around the outer perimeter of Bangalore’s historic Palace Ground.

Corrupt corporator - What a farce!


I scratch your back and you scratch mine! This corporator's suspension is withdrawn.... as

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