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March 2009

Voter Harassment Centres

I am really disgusted with the month-long running around I have had to do. You are almost tempted to exclaim, as one 70-year-old gentleman in front of us did, "If this is what I have to undergo to register...and then vote for some rowdy-sheeter who is standing for election to make money, why should I bother? "...and go home.....

There are no dustbins in my locality...damn!

7am in the morning i just happen to go for a walk and all I end up feeling is that this city which I have fallen in love with over the past 2 years is 1 huge trash can! Depressed at that thought and thinking what we at praja can do about just happens that 1 gentleman throws an empty cigarette box on the road right in front of me.

CPI(M) manifesto - misleading facts and too broad?

Writing this to point out what fact based means, this post is inspired by TN Ninnan's editorial in Saturday's Business Standard. He picked out a few statements from CPI-M's new election website, and argued that a few of them are not supported by facts, or even observations. Mr Ninnan has picked out certain statements from CPI-M manifesto (here), and taken objections to them:

Do you vote for the person (candidate), or the party (ideology) ?

51% (46 votes)
49% (45 votes)
Total votes: 91

BTRAC signs - How much thought ?


B-TRAC has been putting up a lot of signs all over the place. I was wondering a couple of things -

1. How much thought/analysis has gone in to the positioning. comment guidelines

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