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Do you vote for the person (candidate), or the party (ideology) ?

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49% (45 votes)
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Party So far

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I am for BJP so far. Very happy that BJP for the first time set foot in Karnataka on their own. However now watching helplessly their antics of moral policing etc. I may have to vote for candidate in future. I am not sure. I wish the various parties do polarise to two major parties congress and BJP. Then perahaps things would have improved, from the present mess, that we are in.


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For LS, I go for party

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... and almost ignore the candidate. Sometimes, if the candidate is a standout, may be I will think twice. But even then, a Lok Sabha MP will mostly be doing this - here is the party whip, vote yes/no on this bill.

My definition of a standout candidate is not about the qualifications and expertise of the person. A standout candidate, for me, is a person who is likely to influence or drive that party or coalition to get my local area or ideologies some mileage.

However, for the state elections, I vote for the candidate, and not the party. That is because, it seems thata good MLA can make a difference in his local area. But that is not the case for Lok Sabha MP.

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My voting pattern

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1989 - Voted for JD (stupid enough to believe that VP Singh would be a refreshing change.  What a con job!).  Fed up with seeing Rajiv Gandhi constantly on TV. Also could not believe the fact that a man could ride a chariot in 20th century India and flame such hatred.  My first time to vote

1989 - Voted for Congress in Karnataka (Veerendra Patil was the CM briefly till he had the stroke). 

1991 - Voted Cong after VP Singh fiasco.  Still could not forget LKA's ridiculous chariot ride that promised to put us into medieval India.

1994 - Karnataka assembly - voted JD (yes!!!).  Could not forgive Rajiv Gandhi for backstabbing Veerendra Patil (who I thought was a good administrator - with my limited knowledge).

1996 - Voted Cong (thought that Narasimha Rao and gang had done a good job plus my new found fascination for liberalization and all its promise - had just finished my MBA from IIMCal and thought this was great!).  I could also never forget the sight of LKA raising his hands in glee as the Babri Masjid was demolished and the riots after that.

1996 - moved to Bombay.  1999 moved to Hyd.  Did not takeget m the trouble to enlist myself.  2001 moved to Singapore for 6 years.  I think I was there in 2004 and voted Cong (SM Krishna for CM again!).

2008 - voted for Cong in the state elections.  My bit to keep BJP out of our state.  Failed miserably. 

Never voted for BJP never will - they of Gujarat "experiments" as if we are laboratory animals.

Here are some past election voting patterns for Karnataka (VS and LS) from NDTV (public domain).


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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party-less party

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A high-profile campaign, funded by a flamboyant millionaire Tory donor Sir Paul Judge was launched this week with the grand aim of reducing the dominance of the three main organised political parties (Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats) by providing a platform for concerned citizens to contest elections as independent candidates on issues that directly affect the people. For more on that, click on:

Well, this was Gandhi's idea to begin with. Is it time to re-discover it in India too?

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Kind Update

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Hi Srivathsa,

It's really confusing the kind of fluctuation you have mnetioned in your "My Voting Pattern" i appreciate your view but would like to share some of the daring facts with you,

Riot cases recorded during other than BJP govt: 24000
The worst case of riot India faced during 1984 Sikh riots.

Anyhow coming to the facts on the national development,

Total of about 500KM 4-lane high way were there till 1998. During Vajapayee's govt roads were layed in the places where not even a unmetteled roads were there and all this were happenning at a speed of 11KM per day. And It had build 64000KM roads in the country. And India had not even single thing on which the loan was not taken but after the BJP govt India was with the 115Bn US dollar reserve and that is with one war against (Kargil) and even during the war India's economy was not damaged.

International Relations: Indo-Iran gas pipeline was initiated by BJP govt at the lowest cost in the international market but UPA govt with vote against Iran in UN has made India to pay almost 30-40% more for the deal.
Strategically India must have good relation with Nepal due to China but today not just good relation, India has the worst relation with Nepal and Nepal govt stresses on Chinease policy.
India's govt have failed to secure Indian nationals and respond toughly to extreamists which is showing Indian's death has no value. What is the Congress govt has actioned after Mumbai attack or recent past 5years of attacks on us? Any justification?

If we start discussing there are many things and which will not end ever. Just log in to the same NDTV web and check for the government works which will give you an eye opener.

But one thing what ever happenned post Godhra is never can be justified but same time what ever happenned in Godhra which sparked the riots also can never be justified. But leaving that today we have to think if country can grow better all this tind of things will be removed for which we need a govt which works.



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Means are as important as ends

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What is confusing about my voting pattern?

Most middle class people in Nazi ruled Germany spoke exactly the same words that you did (except the Jews).  In general everything worked well, they had jobs, the Volkswagen Beetle started production, autobahns were built, etc.  Read some books about that period in Germany (a good one is "They thought they were free").  Read also "Forgotten Voices from the Holocaust".  See what they did to that country just 10 years later. 

On the Indian economy growing well - the jury is still out whether this was largely due to the credit bubble set in motion by Messrs Greenspan and Ben Bernanke post the dot com crash.  Most economies grew rapidly between 2001 and 2008.  We are finding out just what a big bubble this was.

Riots when BJP not in rule 24000 - there are 3 types of lies : lies, damned lies and statistics.  There is a saying that the best way to stop crime is make a thief a policeman :). 

On the Sikh riots I agree - possible the worst ever.  I am ashamed even today that we allowed this to happen in India. 

And look at what is happening in Karnataka today - Mangalore and even Bangalore.  Do you think this is just a coincidence ?  And our Home Minister either denying everything or just giving a clean chit to himself.   When KRV made a noise about the saffron flag being put up in Belgaum, the MP said that it represented Hindutva.  Can you imagine that 10 or 15 years back? 

I always vote slightly left of centre.  If I were in the US, I would vote Democrats 99 times out of 100.  Just me.

My opinion that's all.  Better we dicuss than hit each other :), which is what our politicans would rather we do.





Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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question is ...

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vote for party or person?

see, all parties more or less same only. person is important. person is always more important. example - I vote SM Krishna whether he is in congress or bjp, any party, parvAgilla.

people only will change our boring cheating parties, gotta. but today ulta happens - party changes its members. so vote for people first. not party.

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     Yes, the next big Tamasha on the Indian canvas would be the General Elections scheduled between April 15 and June 15, 2009. Voters have been taken for a ride by the nauseating political gimmicks adopted by the power hungry temporary politicians, who think that they can do anything and everything and get away with such maverick behavior.   Suffice it to conclude that their shameless approach towards capturing power by conducting 'operations' or hook or crook and even by demeaning themselves and their party principles at the cost of public exchequer and inconvenience, has only confirmed that the Indian polity has reached its lowest ebb in governance and upholding the integrity and sovereignty of our greatest living democratic principles.

     Added to this confusion would be the ‘Mother of all frauds’ – the Electoral List with more missing eligible voters. The very process of ensuring one’s name in the list is a pain in the neck. Any number of complaints has not improved the system of ensuring cent per cent correct electoral lists despite 14 General Elections. Making EPICs compulsory for voting is going to result in less number of votes being cast and may result in either a hung verdict or 'minority voters rule'. There is a wave of awareness to obtain EPICs

     With regard to election reforms, less said the better since for many decades, well meaning academicians, learned people have been advocating a systematic electoral reforms to be brought in to ensure transparency and accountability by the Indian polity but elected representatives have successfully been postponing even discussions in Parliament about this all important need of the hour.
     I have no hesitation in pointing the accusing finger at the VOTER for all these evils. The ‘voter’ is showing rank apathy and has failed in creating a realistic ground of a “majority-voters-rule” through participatory democracy. Rich people are limited in number and not all rich people vote; they do not know if their name exists in the electoral list or not and many of them they do not care. Names of the poor people are ensured since it is they who vote. Then there is this middle class voter – fence sitter.   He shies away, does not exercise his constitutional obligation and franchise bestowed on him. But he sure has the arrogance to pass sad remarks against the system that does not work, the elected few who have captured power through “minority-voters-rule”, unholy alliances, live-in arrangements, money and hooch. Karnataka’s fair name has been smeared with the excreta of these power hungry paranoid people. In Bangalore, added to this paradox, is another set of non-voters in the form of those who have made Bangalore their home, enjoying the salubriousness but not got their names transferred or registered in the electoral list in the city. If at all they have obtained a digitized voter’s ID card, it is only for their academic use and not for voting. Some have created their own NGOs/Associations as pressure groups for obtaining more infrastructural facilities that are detrimental to the localites that have lost their majority status and also their own lands but are regular voters. Mysore will not be far behind in creating this kind of ugly scenario since most of the available land inside and around the city have already been gobbled up by the land mafia with high connections with power of attorneys and before long, Mysore will be a monstro-city with lakhs and lakhs of floating population not accountable as valid voters.
     Time has come for the citizen to take notice, be responsible, stand up and hold his Election Gun, load it with “Vote” bullet to eliminate corrupt political Mahishaasuras, cleanse the decaying democracy with a single minded devotion for establishing a transparent and accountable system of governance. We cannot wish away politicians and their links with democracy; they have become necessary evils.

     Question is, since all of them are chips of the old block, whom to vote? A valid question indeed. Look at the scenario past and present – many of them have some criminal or blots in their career as politicians – some have more and some have less.
 So, let us vote to the least young secular criminal in a national party.

-Vasanthkumar Mysoremath
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Re: Whom to Vote - sound a lot like Raj Thakery!

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I take exception to the above statement. This is a rhetoric full of malice against our democratic process and the great idea of INDIA.

Also: "In Bangalore, added to this paradox, is another set of non-voters in the form of those who have made Bangalore their home, enjoying the salubriousness but not got their names transferred or registered in the electoral list in the city. If at all they have obtained a digitized voter’s ID card, it is only for their academic use and not for voting. Some have created their own NGOs/Associations as pressure groups for obtaining more infrastructural facilities that are detrimental to the localites that have lost their majority status and also their own lands but are regular voters." --> I am a non-kannadiga and am a permanent resident of Bangalore for last 10 years.  Fanning of "local" sentiments just like some vote mongering criminal politicians like Raj Thakery is despicable.

We need to fight such enemies within first to keep the idea of INDIA alive!

I sincerely hope the site administrator weeds out such "Hate" messages from the blogsite whose overall quality has been surprisingly good so far!

With Regards
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Even an Ant fights when it is cornered.

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Dear Prit-ji.

You are an exception and I am happy that namma Bengaluru has persons like you, who are really living like Romans while in Rome.

As you must have experienced the wonderful hospitality, we the minority citizens in our own land, have never been hostile or uncooperative or uncivilised or hate mongers or psychopants or rhetorics.  We have always been kind and treated whoever comes to namma ooru with the motto "Athithi Daivo Bhava" so long as they have behaved themselves like "Daivas".

You have been kind enough to heap your choicest observations and now I need and seek your valuable guidance as to how to deal with people who, instead of behaving like "Daivas", if they behave like "Devvas" by criticising and ignoring us as if we are second grade citizens in our own land etc.

I would like to give you a classic example of such an instance caused by an young techie who had last her scooter keys through her negligence on the platform of Cantonment Rly. Station and behaved in an arrogant manner with the traffic policeman and wanted him to watch her scooter till she went home and brought the duplicate keys.  Since the traffic policeman was not fluent in English and/or her mother tongue, he advised her to talk in Kannada and make him understand what exactly her problem was.  She lost her cool and blurted what not in many languages she knew and this was reported in Bangalore Mirror. This led to a series of articles in BM and it would be of interest, if you could kindly read those issues.  

Another instance, a techie from Electronic City in a Pushpak Bus: He had placed on the seat next to him two bags and all seats were full; when I got into the bus in one of the stops, I requested him in Kannada to keep those two bags in his lap and to let me take the seat.  He ignored me completely and did not bother to oblige. I requested him once again with a friendly touch on his shoulder.  He blurted out saying - "You locals, cant you adjust by standing?"  I took an exception to his such unwarranted hate speech and cautioned him, it is not correct on his part to use such "rhetoric and full of malice language" against a senior citizen.  He did not stop and grudgingly kept the bags in his lap and made me sit almost at the edge of the seat and continued using his mother tongue which I could not understand. When I told him in English that he is crossing his limits, he again blurted out "you locals should understand that it is we outsiders who have made your Bangalore big and you must give us  the due respect."  

He, of course, got a mouthful from other fellow travellers. 

Prit-ji,    The game plan of quoting 'democracy, great India' is passe. Even US of A, UK and other European countries are having second thoughts of employing and accommodating outsiders in their land and many pink slips have been issued. Kannadigas are not cruel people and have no intention of issuing pink slips to outsiders but their only request is "LIVE AND LET LIVE" unlike Mr.Raj Thakery's rhetorics. 

Praja is a good site and it should not be made the forum to air such topics by reading in between the lines about something written with a good purpose - that is to create awareness in the minds of those people about their right to vote, getting their names included in the voters list wherever they are living etc. 

Whatever I have written earlier holds good to those who have made namma Bengaluru as their home but are not respecting the laguage, culture, tradition and the ways of living of those gentle gaints but only want the best of facilities and amenities.  Our existence and ways of living depends upon the way in which we have been brought up and reciprocate to the feelings, emotions and sentiments of our society in which we are living.

Kannadigas have always practiced what they preach.

Best wishes to Prit-ji, our good "Athithi".
- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath 


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I do not buy in your reasoning of using this site to air your personal views of "curing" Bangalore of it's "ills"

Firstly, I am an Indian and I do not consider myself an "Atithi" anywhere in India, our Constitution has laid that down in our Fundamental Rights.

Secondly, to draw a parallel with your personal bad experience with a couple of odd-balls - and generalize that with the whole gamut of "Indians" (yes - I consider myself Indian first & Indian last, not "kannadiga", "gujju" "bangali" etc.) is sin. I could have used a stronger hyperbole, but I respect your age (as I know now that you are a senior citizen)

Thirdly & lastly, your frustration may have more to do with "Generation Gap" rather than what you believe it to be. I say this because I have heard such rehetorics before, many times (thankfully not directed to me) - and in all cases the sources were senior citizens who mourn the loss of "our old Bangalore". If you will try and hook in with your next generation (probably even within your family) you will observe that agressiveness, loss of patience, no respect for elders - these characteristics are not really prevalent in "non-kannadiga techies", but to the whole generation of young men & women across our country (and across our world). This probably has more to do with the Darwinian theory of "Survival of the Fittest" as competition increases manifold each year due to increase in population & dwindiling resources.

That is why I disagree with you - your attempt to "localize" an issue which is really a Darwinian one does not reflect well on the society we live in.

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Nimma anisikegalige abhinandanegalu

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Thavu karuneyinda barediruva generation gap na bagge naanu swalpa aalavaagi yochisi nodidaaga, adu indina yuva peelige hondisikondiruva anisike. Aadare adannu naanu dinavidee anubhavisuthiddene yendu thiliyabedi.  Nanna mommakkalu nanage Salsa dance-annoo saha heli kottiddare.  Naanu avarondige yeshtaramattige hondikondu hoguthene yendare, aaa generation gap-na maathu thirulillada obbattina haage kaanuthide.  

Nanna Eee maathugalannu thaavu artha maadikondidderendu bhaavisuthene,  nambuthene mathu namma nimma beti yendaadarondu dina aaga bahudu ... aaga namma nimma maathugalannu munduvarisona...

..yendu baredu mugisuthiruva mathu thamage thamma maneyavarige mathu makkalige nanna aasheervaadagalodane.

Eee sambhaashaneya mathu anisikegala vinimayada madhye, naavu namma Praja thanthragnyaana prayojanada moolaka, "matha haakuve desha kattuve"  yemba namma dharmavannu kaapaadona. Vote you Must.

inthi...thamma shreyobhilaashi

-Vasanthkumar Mysoremath 

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Greatness lies NOT in never falling but in rising everytime we

Greatness lies NOT in never falling but in rising everytime we fall. comment guidelines

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