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18 multi-level car parking facilities to come up in City

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The BBMP has now added eight more locations to the 10 it had proposed earlier, to develop a total of 18 new multi-level car parking facilities.

So more & more Private vechiles will play on the roads & Public Transport will get back seat.  

If these so called parking lots if they are provided near METRO stations, then things would be better as BMRCL has not planned any parking except  1/2  places.

What about pay and park on the major streets of Bangalore.   Why r elected representatives are keeping quite  and most of the roads widened are occupied for parking of Pvt  vechiles accross Bangalore.  

Do the BBMP or GoK has any  idea how many pvt vechiles can be accomodated on all roads of Bangalore ?????   If these  type of planning goes,  then nothing will change the Travell pattern in Bangalore city.

All CBD areas should have high parking fees & excellent Public Transport Facility with well integrated to other modes of  Public Transport. Other day we saw elevated roads for Bangalore,  Road widening  & Elevated car parking will  make CBD area  chocked..






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what about Foot over bridges for Citizens ???

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On entire length of NH-7 Bellary road to BIAL,   NH-4 to Nelamangala,  Hosur Road,  Mysore  Road,

We do not have any FOB for pedestrians to cross & worst is at Jalahalli Circle, Hebbal Flyover,  Near BDA Office,  Silk Board junction, Dairy Circle, KR Puram Bridge & KR Puram Station, Yesvantpur Station - Tumkur Road,  Mysore Bank Circle.

That means BBMP or elected Representatives  care where their deep pockets are taken care.

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18 multi-level car parking facilities to come up in City

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18 multi-level parking facilities coming up in Bangalore is a good idea as long as the parking fee charges are prohibitively expensive to discourage entry of more & more Private vehicles.  Along with the parking fee congestion charges may also be collected.

To encourage Public Transport System, the authorities should also provide adequate and easily accessible transport facilities to  public.    A small section of the society will certainly use the parking facility irrespective of the cost.   A large number of people will use public transport depending upon the accessibility, connectivity and convenience. 

If the same multi-level parking facilities are provided at all metro stations/Railway stations/bus terminal & hubs it would make lot of sense and reduce congestion to a great extent.   

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signal beep for pedestrians

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FOB is not necessary where traffic signal is there. Now signals make some beep or siren like sound to tell when pedestrians can cross the road. Only places where there is no signal and yet lot of pedestrian traffic is there would need FOB. I have seen they installed ped only signals which operate on push button, that is cheaper option than building and maintaining a foot overbridge.

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These are current needs, immediate needs

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I would say, the multilevel parking are immediate needs, we have to have those in place as per the current needs. This is not about increasing the private vechicles, but as per the current infrastructure, we need many more paid parking facilities at many places in the city, otherwise we have been witnessing a lot of road-side parking, trees-cutting-indirectly-for-parking etc etc.

As I have also stated in my other blog about Madiwala market here, where I don't know whom to blame, govenment doesn't seem to have given the parking (paid) for the market shoppers and people have choosen to block the roads for parking.

I don't agree with -

So more & more Private vechiles will play on the roads & Public Transport will get back seat.

We need these parking facilities right now with reasonable parking fees, and banning of parking on roads, which would make revenue for BBMP as well as make people use public transport (who wants to avoid parking hassles and the fees). If government chooses to not to go for parking infrastructure, then I don't think it will help people using public transport, it will just enhance more indiscipline on roads, and more blockage on good-wide roads and then BBMP will come one day to again widen the roads as a temp or short term fix. You see the root of the problem here.


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This is the steel one they

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This is the steel one they are talking about. Reporter didnt bother to go into details. See here. I think it should be piloted at a couple of places before going the whole hog.

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Multi-level car parking facilities

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The multilevel parking is needed and there is no dispute on that issue.  We need to price it in such a way that you encourage people to use public transport and help to reduce traffic congestion.  We also need these parking facilities with reasonable parking fees at other places such as metro stations/Railway stations/bus terminals & hubs to prevent public form parking on roads.             

The idea to introduce congestion charges on vehicles to reduce congestion on busy roads is defeated if the other projects like multilevel parking etc encourage free entry of private vehicles to the congestion zone.   

If Madiwala market or any other market is an unauthorised market you know whom to blame, otherwise the responsibilities of providing parking space are with the owners/shop keepers.  Regulated parking is available at City Market, J C Road etc.  The crux of the problems is with the unauthorised vendors who occupy any space available and create nuisance to the shoppers/public.   HAL Market, KR Puram Markets are the best examples. 

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not quite the right way

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The idea to introduce congestion charges on vehicles to reduce congestion on busy roads is defeated if the other projects like multilevel parking etc encourage free entry of private vehicles to the congestion zone.   


Government to discourage use of all personalized forms of transport, particularly cars, to

  • provide room for more (public transport) buses,
  • reduce fuel consumption, and consequently pollution,
  • de-clutter the roads,
  • get people into the healthy habit of walking, atleast upto the bus-stands.


  • increasing road tax; introducing congestion tax
  • introducing ‘pedestrians only’ zones in city centers. (Contractors may be facilitated to operate slow-moving, mini-buses for people to shuttle between the parking lot and the shopping areas).
  • restricting plying of private vehicles on the main city arteries during peak hours, as may be required.

For the full STATE PUBLIC BUS TRANSPORT POLICY PAPER, drafted by me in 80's, click here

Muralidhar Rao
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Before attempting to

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Before attempting to discourage use of all personalised forms of transport, particularly cars by increasing road tax, introducing congestion tax etc the Government must provide adequate, convenient, easily accessible and well connected transport facilities to public.

In spite of all these, there may be quite a few who would like to use their private vehicles for their personal comforts.  Here the car owners have a choice between Public Transport and Personal Vehicle.  If the parking fee is also high in addition to other taxes then the question of affordability and comfort will determine the choice. It would be unfair on the part of the Government, after collecting all these taxes from private vehicles and deprives them of parking facilities.

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Rightly said

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Yes, very true, because the person who has been honest and paying all the taxes, registration fees, road tax (highest in bangalore), other congestion charges, and following all road-rules, being disciplined on the road, and using his private vehicle when required (otherwise public transport), in those times, he would definitely expect good roads, good parking infrastructure at resasonable prices (no high or no low), and good roads to drive on, and without any blockage by BMTC bus drivers or cab drivers.

And at the same time, when he is using public transport, he would be expecting connectivity, last mile connectivity without being harrased by auto-wallah, bus-shelter etc etc, and also good footpaths (un-encroached), so that automatically we can achieve what we want to.

Just aiming to discourage private transport is not going to work, we need to give good incentive to use public transport, even not incentive, just-enough public transport facility which includes -

(1) Good buses
(2) Last mile connectivity
(3) Pavements to walk

Its not that if tomorrow all people shift to public transport, we will be very happy and satisfied, no that can't be the case, there has to be proper balance between the two, you need car-manufacturing economy, employment also keep going etc etc.

So, we should not be just against private usage at all, but we should spread awareness to use private only when needed (using one's wisdom), and also keep working to make public transport user-friendly. Right now the way I see is that we have free-parking at most of the places in Bangalore, people also park at no-parking places, and people like me make sure that I don't park at no-parking, don't block the way, pay the fees if that is the option and suddenly another day, govt instead of fixing all these, come up and say "pay this charges, this fees etc" etc etc, then how am I going to react to that? So my point to govt is - Please fix what is broken right now, please fill-up what is lagging right now, and then think about the future moves and always long-term solutions.

This weekend, I was in Jayanagar, I have seen almost all the side roads, where only one-side parking is allowed, people have parked on both the sides, very difficult to drive on those roads, leave alone to find the place to park. Why not BBMP instead make the white marks on the roads to give way for parking and make it PAID ones. It will -

(a) generate revenue (can be used in more parking facitilties, better pavement infra nearby)
(b) encourage people to be a little disciplined (optimistic goal)
(c) discourage private vehicles a little bit (who can use public transport)
(d) Lesser traffic jams

And then think about other congestion charges etc. Will not that be the right move in right direction?

Because at the end of day, if I am paying all the required taxes and all additional charges, still I couldn't get proper roads to drive on, still don't get parking, I have all the rights to complain and get them. I also have the right of way. We should respect that too.



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Good parking infrastructure

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Good parking infrastructure at reasonable prices (no high or no low).

In my opinion we need to have different parking rates, based on Location, traffic Congestion, peak hours, non peak hours, holidays, working days, duration of parking and the demand for parking.   I would even go one step further and link the parking charges to the commercial rental value of the area in which parking is provided.   The systems of different rates of parking fee exist even at Bangalore international Air Port.  Bays that are closer to the Airport lounge is priced higher when compared to the bay which are located at far end.

We need to give good incentive to use public transport

I agree with you that our public transport system needs to change a lot to attract public.

  1. Their drivers need to be told to be polite to public.
  2. They may have to impart the moral values such as honesty, loyalty to their conductors and make sure they issue tickets to all commuters.

Why not BBMP make it PAID parking.  It will generate revenue.

Who make the best revenue from the parking fee collection, BBMP or the Contractors who manage the parking business?  Opinion is left to the judgement of individuals.   So called automated parking system at international Airport is manned by some individuals.      

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Jaipur METRO stations parking details / what about Bangalore ??

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Bangalore METRO  has successfully messed the last mile connectivity inlcuding FOBs and Private vehicle parking.

Simple things to learn from Jaipur and Delhi METRO on vehicle parking


Japiur  METRO has provided  550 car parking,  1200 Two wheeler and 800 for bicycle parking presently.  Even these small things are not taken care in Bangalore.

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Inter-connect in Bengaluru Metro Stations

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Interchange between various bengaluru metro <-> BMTC near various stations should have been possible so seamlessly, is messed up in various places.

Take for Eg:In Vijayanagar, the distance between Vijayanagar TTMC and the nearest metro station near Maruti Mandir is around 1KM. This defeats the purpose of planning public transport w.o proper connectivity across various modes of public transport near the stations. 

Similarly, there is another glaring inefficiency near Banashankari Bus Stand as of today. There is no Foot-Over-Bridge connectivity between Banashankari TTMC and Metro Station. This still could be easily achieved.

Not sure which agency is responsible for taking this up. This can still be done as metro is still some months away on this stretch.


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