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Most annoying driver behaviours

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Taking off from the APAD and DDC campaigns, I thought I'll try to note down the most annoying driver behavious that I keep coming across on an almost everyday basis. Here's my list, which may not be quite exhaustive, but which is generally in the order of annoyance to me:

1) Honking unnecessarily
2) Use of distracting horns
3) Autos - Cruising lazily ahead of you, looking for customers, particularly when going past junctions; parking at street corners in order to provide visibility to potential customers along both roads; stopping abruptly at road junctions; auto's racing each other, and blocking all lanes for traffic behind them; abrupt u-turns without any consideration to the traffic coming from behind.
4) Buses stopping immediately after crossing junctions (particularly ones with signals), narrowing the road widths for vehicles behind wanting to cross the junction.
5) Cars/ two-wheelers cruising along at slow speed on the fast lane.
6) Vehicles (mostly two-wheelers) coming in the wrong direction (keeping to their left) on divided roads, past cuts in them, in iorder to avoid having to go some distance beyond to take a u-turn.
7) Drag racer bikes/ cars.
8) Causing disruptions in traffic flow while talking on phone.
9) Parking between two parked vehicles, taking up the entire space, even when there is enough space for another vehicle to come in.

Do add on.

Muralidhar Rao


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Here I add some Murali sir.

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 10) Night Joy rides. I saw one ghastly accident on 6th main HAL II Stage while on my morning walk today.

11) Young blood drivers

12) 1000 new (Vehicles) drivers being added per day

13) Night Parking of Private Busses on arterial roads.

 The most important fact related to all vows is the steady daily inflow of people into Bangalore. We should think of Hosa Bengalooru, instead of adding to our outskirts, just like Navi Mubai.

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Most annoying driver behaviours

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hi murali, i totally agree with you. The chaos in Bangalore is not merely from the crush of vehicular traffic but primarily from the manner in which pubic vehicles and plenty and private vehicles are driven with absolute disregard for life and law. Its time something drastic is done about this, else our lives will get even more chaotic. 

Arun Rabindranath

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An extract from a long e-mail from a friend.


I have done many of this before – standing in long queues that took days to clear, sleeping in railway platforms, going without a bath for 3 days… so none of this was new.. but what was new was being part of a national disaster and ensuing emergency operations. Japanese people are known for being methodical, high quality, hardworking people. And as with this case, the response was methodical and high quality. With threats of burst gas pipes, shaky foundations, untied rail road ties, rogue nuclear plant looming large, the response had to be anything but methodical and high quality. No rooms for error. But for the 11 hr taxi ride, a small part of which was thru a potential radiation zone of a nuclear plant which was getting out of control, I always felt safe and protected. Japan has developed stringent building codes and well rehearsed evacuation plans that combined with a communitarian, orderly society has spared them of a even worse consequence many other nations could have faced in the wake of such a devastating earthquake.


Ethics and integrity has been deeply engrained in the culture that the taxi drivers never sought to take advantage on their field day. Taxi ran by the meter inspite of the huge demand for them. On Sunday alone, at the Narita airport we felt three aftershocks… every time an aftershock shook us, my only fear was for a shutdown airport and delayed planes J." comment guidelines

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