APAD - Non-Lane driving - Result declared

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 Location: NICE Road(Is that right name, or free-ad for Kheni saab?) , Hosur Road Junction(Clover Leaf), E-City Phase 1

Time: 11-Mar-2011 @8.25am

There is no need of explanation. We were blocked because of this accident. Perfect result of non-lane driving. Both drivers should win award(???) for non-lane driving. Police was busy in "negotiating" with parties.


lane driving in blr

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Despite the awareness drive by the police officials, many autorickshaw drivers have no clue about the lane discipline rules.

more here abt recent lane driving efforts of BTP:

so who will need to bring lane dicipline awareness? RTO? BTP?..us?


A lane...

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lane is a part of the carriageway within a road marked out for use by a single line of vehicles in such a way as to control and guide drivers for the purpose of reducing traffic conflicts.

Lanes have the following salient features

1. It unambigously channelizes traffic all along the carriageway so as to not have conflict with others going elsewhere in the same carriageway

2. It has information in the form of directions, markings & change/merge rules so that conflict is minimal during change over to a different lane which already has traffic

None of the above is effectively addressed by the cones. Neither are the cones giving you unambiguity all along the carriageway nor do they have markings/direction signboards which provide lane change information reducing conflict.

But the cones/physical seperation will definitely be required at the last 50 meters even if the carriage way has lanes all the way so while its effectiveness right now can be questioned its existence cannot. 

This is why I believe such half hearted measure will not deliver effective results. It will move the ambiguity & conflicts 50 meters ahead, thats all. BBMP is asleep & BTP is applying bandaid

Kala akshar bhains barabar

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There is a saying in Hindi - "kala akshar bhains barabar".  .e. To an illiterate person there is no difference between the black letters of the alphabet and a black buffalo.

For the driving ettiquette illiterate drivers of Bangalore lane markers, solid lines/broken lines, chevron markings, zebra crossings, etc. are just white paint on a black surface.  

When I drive in Bangalore - 

a) most roads have no lane markings

b) where there are lane markings, cars are so packed that it's hard to spot the lane markings (because we don't follow the simple rule that stay far enough behind a vehicle that you can see its rear tyres)

c) there are no direction markings (right, straight, left) marked

We have let loose two generations of drivers on our roads that think driving = AH first and BC when absolutely unavoidable; AH = Accelarator + Horn.  The damage has been done for the long term.  Unless we are willing to snatch away licenses and reissue them after a new rigorous test - this is going to remain.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.