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Has Lokayukta been effective in Karnataka?

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judging Lokayukta

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We probably don't know much about their office - how many officers, how many cases do they work on? what are their limitations. So this poll is testing our perceptions of Lokayukta office.

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The effectiveness depends on the person heading the commision

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Though there is a proper selection process, the recent fiasco about appointment of Justice Shivaraj V Patil shows how the government in power can subvert it

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BSY, Katta, Son

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And possibly Mr Nirani, CPY and couple more next. Awesome job.

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Santosh Hegde made all the 'noises', did some good reports on the mining issue, but didnt take them to a logical end.

Yes, they are limited in their powers - but are they making the full use of their powers? I dont believe they are!

It would have been good to pick their battles. They need not have gone directly at the cheif minister. Pick a couple of ministers/MLA and dedicate their energies there, instead of taking on the entire establishment.

Today it has become a headless body - both figurately and literally!

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