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Anti-corruption law for states, IAC proposal, formatted version

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Follow up to the previous post (with proposed Jan Lokpal bill), here is formatted version of Jan Lokayukta Bill that IAC is proposing to all states of India. For ease of side by side comparison, also uploaded is the current Lokayukta Act of Karnataka (from year 1984, with amendmenets, last one done in 2000). Hope this will get some focused talk going on the subject of corruption and help spread the good work being done by IAC (India Against Corruption) folks.

Here is the IAC proposal

Jan Lokayukta Bill proposal (Praja Reformat)

And here, the GoK Lokayukta Act of today

Karnataka Lokayukta Act Last Amended 2000


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How to control corruption by democratic means

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"Politicians discuss ‘rooting out’ corruption with no sense of how to do it.  Corruption is not abnormal, honesty is abnormal.  Research shows that most of us will cheat if we go unmonitored and unrealized. However corruption does awesome damage to social and political structures.  Each year trillions are wasted on corruption, but social justice is also denied to billions of people. Corrupt bureaucratic systems do not work as intended, and the undeserving get rewarded."


Top down approach is beneficial in this context. That is corruption at CM [PM] and the ministers in his cabinet are to be tackled first. This is possible only with a Lokpal bill with adequate teeth, like the Jan Lokaukta bill proposed. comment guidelines

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