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Corrupt corporator - What a farce!

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I scratch your back and you scratch mine! This corporator's suspension is withdrawn.... as

Today's DH

According to the new order, the government has asked the corporator to continue till the case registered by the Lokayukta is disposed off by the High Court. 

Reacting to the order, Opposition leader M Nagaraj, lauded the ‘u-turn’ stating “The Chief Minister must look at the tainted ministers within its own government before suspending other public representatives.” 

Lokayukta sleuths had trapped Govindraju red-handed for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 2 lakh from a City builder two months ago.


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Everybody... breath easy

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.... as, going by this logic, no one can ever be suspended, even if caught red handed.

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Govt doesn't trust their own Lok Ayukta!

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What a joke! With political manipulations such as this, corruption can never be weeded out in this country.

See article in TOI here.

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Public opinion does matter

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Urban Development Department Principal Secretary Subir Hari Singh on Monday issued a statement clarifying that the confusion was due to a typographical error in the order. He said the corporator remained suspended.

For the full report in the New Indian Express, click here

It looks more like a cover up in the face of the strident criticism, including from 'prajagalu', I would like to believe.

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