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False Infrastructural Hype of Times of India

TOI Bangalore Edition is every friday covering infrastructural project reports - But, most of them are not at all true and just it creates hype. This week it reported that BMIC 1st phase is completed with very few breaks. BMIC Bangalore - Mysore road of 1st phase passes near my house near Hoskerehalli and I was wondering how come I have not seen. This Tuesday, I took a ride on the road which has just commenced from ring road near Hoskerehalli hoping that I will reach Somapura and meet the BMIC peripheral road (may be with some deviations like the peripheral road) believing the TOI report. I could not travel even a km and couldn't cross even Hoskerehalli, the road ended. There was a long gap (around 0.5km) since there were some private gramtana layout on the alignment. Again the road was laid for some distance with breakage at regular intervals. I don't know how and when BMIC issue will be solved, but, never believe TOI reports - It seems it is marketing Bangalore. Samething with regard to Namma Metro, every week same story, same 'swanky' station reports, same estimated dates of completion. TOI is just filling it's paper!!!
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True, no one does it better than TOI

Times is more a tabloid than a serious newspaper and shouldn't be taken seriously. All their campaigns are ultimately about selling themselves. Period.
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Can TOI help us?

TOI with all the masala has sometimes made a difference! About the recent poll that we had on praja about where the express rail should start from and the discussions that have happened in our forum before, can we have TOI take up this issue with the authorities? Todays news paper mentioned SPV's for the project and it looks like they are moving very fast.. One thing we need from the authorities is.. What made them decide to start the project from BRV instead of Byappanahalli? How did they decide on the high ticket cost? One more question on Namma Metro: Moily recently talked to Guv about hastening the pace of the project..with this in light why doesnt Madhu look at more agressive dates for his projects.. Agreed its a state funded project but the need of the hour is fast completion..I was watching the work on the metro happening on MG road from Prestige towers 11th floor..its so slow..theres hardly anywork happening and if at all there is some..then the equipment used looks like the ones used for covering a small culvert and not a metro project..can we do anything here? One thing I see with RTI's is its response is more of status quo that is wrapped in an explanation..but nothing to really change course! Maybe the press can take up the cause!
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private gramatana

vasanth said: "some private gramtana layout on the alignment" was this the private gramatana that you were talking about? can you confirm?
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Re: Private gramtana

Not the one shown in the picture TS. I didn't get the name, it is just behind Pushpagirinagar, Hoskerehalli. There is a very old small shed in a large area surrounded by compound being locked which is on the alignment. Because of various land issues and change of alignments, the expressway is becoming curvy unlike the peripheral road which is almost straight. People of the gramtana layout are enjoying the partial stretch from Ringroad upto their layout which is almost completely done with tarring and median. They had to go through bumpy,potholed and very narrow road through Pushpagiri nagar earlier. Toll collection centre work is going on near the ring road. comment guidelines

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