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Public Transport on NICE Peripherial Road

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Now the government has cleared NICE project, peripheral road should be complete very soon and it will be clogged by Bangalore Cars + Trucks!!

Mr.Kheny had proposed a monorail on the median. Why not this be completed along with this with stations at Kanakapura Road junction, Bannerghatta Road Junction, Somapura Junction, Mysore Road Junction and Magadi Road Junction with final stations at Hesargatta Cross and Hosur Road.

If Government also goes ahead with Bannerghatta Mono quickly, people can travel on the Bannerghatta Mono upto Gottigere Lake and take the Mono on the NICE towards Hosur Road.

Mr.Kheny in a speech in Infosys had also stated that he would start bus service on the NICE road. Anyone from Infy can update more on this.



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no to mono

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The median on the peripheral road is one car lane width and this is enough for two tracks of LRT..may not be wide enough for Metro!

So instead of monorail..which is esentially train on stilts which is expensive and lower capacity..we can go in for LRT which is more affordable to implement!

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LRT should be a possible solution

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LRT should be OK since it reduces the construction cost. Kheny and his team should parallely work on this before the road is open to the public since the construction would be difficult once road is thrown fully open.

There should be an option for park and ride facilities at the junctions with multistoried parkings.

This should be taken seriously by NICE since it doesn't take much time for the Bangaloreans car to clog their roads.

Bangalore Mysore road of NICE does not have the median, hence elevated rail is only possible here.

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nice exp way can have tracks

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the above is the proposed layout plan for the mysore expressway..has a 15 mts median..which is good for tracks..

however we should leave the railways to do the track doubling and run trains there..NICE can restict to rail on peripheral road!

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Existing NICE Bangalore-Mysore Road is not as per this plan

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I have taken ride on the NICE BMIC road since it is nearby to home. In the website post they have given the image that blrsri has posted. In actual implementation, they have not left space on the median. It is just a cement slab divider.
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Vasanth, I think the image is for the yet to be built expressway as opposed to the Ring road that they have alreayd built. That is my understanding.
Narayan Gopalan
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BMIC-NICE project

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I wish to refer to the news item that govt has cleared all the hurdles for the project. Its now golden opportunity for Mr.Kheny to concentrate and complete the project at the earlist possible time. He has to fulfill his promise of putting up Mono rail between Blr-Mys which would be key for the development of all the districts in between. It was good suggestion by sone one that BDA or BMRDA instead of spending money on six tracing the BLR-MYS road could join hands with Mr.Kheny and complete the project soon and encourage people to use that road also. some kind of mutual understanding could be tought for reducing the toll or sharing the toll. After all Mr.Kheny is not an enemy as projected by some people and he is contributing to the development of the State. I appeal to to CM to take note of my suggestion and try to take decision in the matter.




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Kheny wants to Build Metro / Mono on Peripheral Road

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Kheny as per this post wants to build Metro / Mono on the NICE peripheral road:

This is good for environment as well as pocket.  Easy solution without much investment is some private bus operator or BMTC starting  Volvo / Marcopolo services.

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To be Fair

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Here is a win-win solution:

Ashok Kheny gets to do his project for public good

and also

Farmers get market rate compensation for their land.


Simple: Let us allocate 100% of the Ownership of NICE company to the farmers based on land contributed to the project. No further cost to farmers.

Government can give a post to Kheny as Engineer / Project Manager and back calculate and normalise any excess/shortage paid in past over this post. Any other assets of Kheny can be traced for origin or can be appropriated to NICE.

Kheny Thanks for your work. Its time to step aside and give back what belongs to the people.

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Companies in EC taking the NICE Road

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Better late than never Sep 2010, we have seen Infy/Wipro buses taking the NICE road and beleive me the response from the employees is like vowwwwwwww ...till date people in the catchment areas of NICE used to not take the company bus but the trend seems to change....this would help decongest Hosur Road/BTM/Jayanagar/Banashankari-Ring Road/ further many buses took the city roads like - Dairy Circle/Dr.Raj Road to reach Yeshwantpur/8th Mile ...this seems to have helped them a lot.

Can we push other companies to take this road? Along with it how do we approach BMTC for suggestions?



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BMTC on NICE Road with exits in toll plaza, Big 10 Integration

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Recently BMTC introduced Vijaynagar to Wipro Volvo service. 

If BMTC could start both Volvo and ordinary service with exit and entrance in each toll plaza, it would reduce travel time for the passengers travelling to Electronic City from various Big 10 roads. This could integrate with the Big 10 / Big Trunk Bus services. comment guidelines

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