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Extension of Metro Rail to Banashankari - Is this meaningful?

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Metro Rail
Recently, on the BMRC website, they have posted a feasibility study of extension of Metro rail from RV Road to Banashankari Bus Station. Will this be helpful in anyway? Noway as I see. Monorail route passes very closely to Banashankari Bus Station on the Ring Road. Why not this be aligned here and made it to intersect to Metro route and extend metro route to other long and important route like Electronic City. Earlier, it was said that it will be extended upto JP Nagar 6th phase - this will be little meaningful. It will be really meaningful if it is extended upto Electronic City. Traffic crawls in Hosur Road. By the time the flyover is completed, traffic would have grown proportionally and there may be jams on the flyover itself. Why BMRC is changing its plans and every now and then and these changed plans are nothing helpful to anyone in anyway. Why is BMRC not considering extending of Metro upto Electronic City and ITPL? What is the reason for reluctance?


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Not Confident

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I am not very cnfident that, they will complete the Metro on time and it will ease the traffic woes by 2011 to be very very frank. The very most important places, which needs to be covered has not been taken care, like silkboard junction and hosur road, electronic city and ITPL, bannerghatta road, BTM etc.... These are one of the major hubs where people flock every day directly or indirectly. WIthout connecting these junctions with rest of the city is quite meaningless to connect other parts of the city, as city's 50% population flock to these places directly or indirectly. In the next phase when they think of connecting these places (MAY VE BY 2015), the city would have grown two folds taking into consideration the new airport. which is more farther than electronics city. I hope cities metro will not turn out to be one more RICH MOND FLY OVER, which is the worlds only flyover to have a traffic signal..... --Cheers !!!!
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mono the reason

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Vasanth, I think this immediate extension (this would be even before phase II) is being planned to get passengers on from Mono straight to Metro and vice versa. I would suspect that Mono and Metro stations would be on top of each other or pretty nearby in this case. And if what I am thinking here is right, then this is a good move.
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Integrated System !

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Silkboard is correct - the extension was bound to happen since the Mono (or whatever it is that will eventually come up on ORR - in my opinion, it should be Metro) must be integrated with the N-S line to provide "seamless connectivity" & to provide an "Integrated system" - terms used by BMRCL. If a commuter arrives by mono at ORR-Kanakapura jn from Banashankari side, & is destined for say, City Mkt, he does not have to use road transport inbetween the Mono & Metro, but can just hop-off & hop-on - an interchange between the two will most likely be provided. As regards Silkboard Jn - Electronic city - ITPL (Whitefield) - Hebbal : there were some indications earlier that alignments from Silkboard Jn to Hebbal (via Cantonment) & Marathalli to Trinity Jn were being considered, but this may have now changed - we will have to wait for Ph-II announcement/s.
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what is the use?

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This is a nice and active forum..but who's listening..all the netas are busy fighting for their seats..and none interested.. Disucssions on metro and mono rail sounds like castles in the air for me! Anyways not loosing hope..I need to draw attention to one of the proposals for monorial running it from bsk to national college.. I stay close to that path..and wonder how this can be identified for first phase implementation!! Was there any traffic study done prior to coming up of this plan? or was it a mere reason that Deve Gowdas place is in BSK? There are much crowded roads(old madras road) which can do good with monorail..alas whos listening!
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Who is listening?

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your apprehension is surely justified. But we at Praja believe that we have to start the change that we want to see.

Yes, we are not yet heard by the politicians and most probably will not be heard from then in the near future either.

But there is surely a ray of hope. We know at least of one right person who is listening! See this link.



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great going guys.

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folks great going .. #1. i think SB comment is very apt here. "I bet BMRC is doing good work on Phase II, Phase II etc. But they are just too afraid to share any information. Afraid of the noise perhaps, as every other guy will say why not here, why not run through there. That noise is what some people call "participation", and that is something no sarkaari body in this city wants." #2. folks are there any lessons in how Mumbai and Hyd are going about their metro? PPP-type system. BMRC does phase 1 then calls private players for DBOT next phases? #3. something has to be done in BLR for land acquisition, that is the real bottle neck. BBMP has its own rules, BMRC its own rules, BDA its own rules, KIADB, BMRDA its own rules and ofcource there is BMIC. ;) I mean, these folks are sacrificing for a public cause, only fair that they a fair share on value and gains. #4. lot of duplicity about heritage, when it comes to acquisition suddenly a lot of heritage buildings come to play, but otherwise these guys who are sitting on multi crore props, will not even put 2 paise worth sunna-banna to maintain it. ok gotto run comment guidelines

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