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ABIDE - Please put few more proposals in front of Government

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I request ABIDe Members like professor Ashwin Mahesh who has been constantly interacting with us to take few more things with the Government.

1. Public Transport on NICE Peripheral road. 

Currently tolls of the NICE are too expensive, so, if we get the public transit operated on the peripheral road , it will be better utilization of road as well as the investment. More people will be benefited with starting of Public Transport.

This can be Bus based to start with and Light Rail Based after few days.

Bus Based:

Bus Based, either operated by NICE company itself, subcontracted by NICE to operators like TATAs/ TVS / VRL / SRS or have an agreement between BMTC and NICE.

On the Peripheral Ring Road, to start with buses can be run frequently with stops at Tumkur Road Junction ,  Magadi Road Junction, Mysore Road Junction,  Somapura Link Road-Peripheral Road Junction,Kanakapura Road Junction, Bannerghatta Road Junction and Hosur Road Junction.

Big 10s can link people to travel upto these junctions.

On the NICE link road, which does not have the space on the median for Light Rail, NICE can operate frequent buses between the Outer Ring Road next to PES  Engineering College to Somapura Junction. Space available near PES college on ORR  is plenty. NICE can start a Multi Storied or  popularly known as Munich Model Parking near the Link Road entrance at the Outer Ringroad to give a Park and Ride Facility. 

Light Rail Based:

On the median of the Peripheral road of NICE, space has been left on either sides for future expansion. NICE can start Light Rail l on this space after some time. We can have Light Rail Stations at all the places mentioned above to have Bus Stops.

Nice Peripheral Road

2.  IT Business Districts using BMTC -

ABIDe concentrated on the main CBD and started HOHO and Big10 linking HOHO. On the same lines, the IT Business Districts of Whitefield, Electronic City, Bannerghatta Road and Koramangala should have HOHO during peak hours. Bannerghatta Road has the Big 10, all other IT Business District needs HOHO services.

All the localities of Bangalore should be connected to these IT business districts with buses during peak hours say from Morning 7-10 every 30 minutes with few Volvo , Pushpak  and Suvarna buses. Sameway, once in 30 minutes from all the Business districts to various localities in the evening.

These buses should take the shortest route which normally a person would take with his private transport.

3. Quick settlement of the Monorail routes and monorail implementer.

Time is running up and traffic jams are increasing day by day. Currently because of the recession, land rates have stabilized and even falling down in few localities. It is the high time for the Government to take quick decision on the monorail routes and start acquiring the properties. I believe the advantage of Monorail over Metro is less destructionof properties because of its short turning radius. But, even then whatever the properties needed for construction should be acquired now itself.

ORR and Big 10 monorail can be given a thought.

Same is the case for Phase 2 Metro Rail. Government  should finalize the routes and start acquiring the properties to avoid the delays.

Dear Praja Friends, please add on to the list..



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Public Transit on NICE can do a lot

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Public Transit on the NICE is a very important and ignored fact both by Government as well as NICE. This can reduce the travel times by a lot extent and save cost of tolls and fuel.

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Public transport for whom?

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Who's going to use the public transport on the NICE PRR, even if it is provided? The road runs away from residential areas on the fringes of Bangalore. I have mostly seen it used by lorries or people going out of the city.

BTW, I believe the massive median on the PRR is to enable the construction of a monorail there.

Phase 2 of Metro is certainly necessary and should be implemented in conjunction with Phase 1 in order to avoid delays.

Manish, Nagarbhavi.


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