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Justice for Mark Rego

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After relentless efforts by KPCC Professionals Cell and the brave front put up by Mark Rego, justice has been delivered to him.

As you may all recall, we launched a wide social and commercial media campaign protesting against the inaction by the police dept. The accused were let off by the police after they paid a paltry fine since they were booked under a non-cognizable offence. A strongly worded petition was sent to the top brass of the dept by us, urging them to conduct a better investigation.

As a result, the jurisdictional ACP was appointed as the investigation officer for the case in which it was originally the Cubbon Park PS SHO who was responsible. Subsequently the accused were taken into police custody for interrogation and thus their statements were recorded. Yesterday, I received a phone call from the said ACP asking me to come to go to his office with the complainant since the investigation had apparently been completed.

The prime accused in the case were produced before Mark and on identifying them, the ACP took up the process of FIR. However, on realizing the gravity of the situation and also on account of their present experience interacting with police dept, the accused parties pleaded guilty and offered a written unconditional apology to Mark and assured that they would never indulge in criminal activities. In light of this, Mark took a lenient view and decided to drop the charges against them, in consideration of their age and lives ahead. This is truly an act of benevolence by him even though these were the very people that had beaten him up mercilessly with no provocation.

What is very evident from this case is that had it not been for our efforts, the police dept would not have come around and cooperated in taking action against the accused. It is very sad that the bureaucracy needs to be constantly kept under vigilance failing which they may not discharge their duties. Nevertheless, on must appreciate the manner in which the police dept corrected the irregularities in their investigation and thus turned this case around wish such diligence. 

Mark has asked me to extend his gratitude to entire organization for our support in this hour of need for him. We are very thankful to the media for giving due publicity to this issue. 


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Who is mark rego?

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Comment Deleted

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Here is the report and the link to the TOI report

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Here is the report which is being reffered :-


In the ensuing scuffle, Prakash was killed, while his colleague Narendra was critically injured. In another incident, Mark Rego, an entertainmentprofessional, who had taken his dogs for a late night walk, was attacked when he protested against an inebriated set of youngsters who threw stones at his dogs. These are just two incidents in what expertssay is a rampantly increasing trend of aggression coming to the fore.

The link is 

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Launch of KPCC Professionals Cell - Sudarshan Mantri Speech

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Google search got me three Sudarshan mantries. Click [1]. However Mark Rego is an Entertainment Professional.

Mark Rego, an entertainmentprofessional, who had taken his dogs for a late night walk, was attacked when he protested against an inebriated set of youngsters who threw stones at his dogs. 

An Interesting U tube talk by Mr. Sudarshan Mantri, on the launch of KPCC professional cell. Click [1]

Commendable work by the KPCC indeed  !

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Dear Prajegale, Mark Rego is

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Dear Prajegale,

Mark Rego is a popular entertainment professionals residing in Bangalore. Some of his accolades are - he is an international hockey player and coach..he has a doctor degree in music from the prestegious London School of Music., the games from India's minute to win it are copyrighted by him. his company has won the national award for best entertainment for 3 consecutive years..he holds the copyright for the popular quiz show booz n brains, question mark etc. well actually the list goes on :-)

Anyway, such brazen acts by those goons and unsuccessful attempts by the cops to harbor them is a molestation bid on democracy and hence on the constitution of our nation. I, as an individual and Professionals Cell as an organization, cannot stand injustice parse, all the more so to an innocent, hard working man, who was minding his own business. I did my best to ensure that justice does not get derailed and I am glad that it did not after all. 

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Mark Rego could be Joe Homeless, that is irrelevant

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@Sudarshan, I know you are not contradicting what I am going to write, but just wanted to emphasize... I want to live in a city where even if a footpath dweller is beaten up by goons like this, he or she gets justice. You shouldn't have to be Mark Rego.  It is only more galling because Mark is a succesful contributing member of society... and one thinks, if he struggles to get justice, what about the rest of us?

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Sudarshan Mantri has gone silent !!!

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His speech on the U Tube has gone silent! I fail to understand why?

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@Sanjay, that’s true. I

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@Sanjay, that’s true. I can’t and won’t counter you on that point. The only reason I wrote a brief note about Mark is because there was a question on this discussion thread as to who he was. I could not agree more with you. Even if a lowlife living in a skid row faces a situation like this, it is the same law that protects him and my heart cries for him too. The reason I gave some emphasis on Mark’s profile is to illustrate to all that if this could happen to a well known professional, son of a former MP, international sportsman, resident of CDB Bangalore, one can’t even imagine the plight of say, an illiterate from upstate.

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@Psaram42: it’s my

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@Psaram42: it’s my belief that I should desire only when I deserve. So, it’s my opinion that I have not really done anything earth shattering yet and hence I am not promoting myself (my organization) aggressively. But then again, it’s a catch 22 situation. To succeed, the organization needs that critical mass which is not possible without publicity. Hence, I have very recently started a soft promotion such that I maintain a balance of humility as well. We have a website which is our main communication engine. However, its been down since a the last few months due to some issues that we are facing with the service provider. We might build a new one after all. Further, we will now have this new blogging group. Plus, I am starting a new meet-up group very soon. Will write to you all about it, very soon. I am right now on a talent scouting mission across the state and the nation to build a stronger Professionals Cell. I have a overwhelming response from Kerala. Other states too are in the pipeline.

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good work, Sudarshan

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@ Sudarshan - For all of his accomplishment, even a Mark Rego would not have got justice except for your organisation's intervention. What you all have done through your efforts is to take the process of getting justice even for the common man a step closer. Besides, by hauling up the kids, and forgiving them after they had apologised, hopefully, you have turned them into better citizens, who may now want to follow your example.

For all of that, my compliments to you and your team.

Muralidhar Rao
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Thanks Mr Rao. Couple of more

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Thanks Mr Rao. Couple of more people known to me from my work life have appraocahed me having got harrased by some cops. Hope to get them justice too. comment guidelines

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