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'Honourable' Minister, 'Worshipful' Mayor, and their cronies

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“Screening of the movie began on time at 9.45 pm. About 15 minutes later, a huge group of people marched into the Classic Cinema Hall (Screen No 3), talking loudly. Seeing that the movie had already begun, a few from the group went out. Almost immediately, the screening was halted and the lights came on. We saw the state home minister and the mayor entering with their close aides. After they occupied the seats earmarked for them, the screening resumed right from the start.”
As if that much of inconvenience for the rest of the audience was not enough, cronies of the minister and the mayor kept talking loudly throughout the screening. And the minister and the mayor — so drunk on power they were – never bothered to ask them to keep quiet to let the paying public enjoy the movie.

For the full report in the Bangalore Mirror, click here.

That's the 'honourable' minister, and the 'worshipful' mayor for you. Atleast, considering that they are referred to that way, shouldn't they rise above carrying on like mafia chieftains? Perhaps another reason why the political process alone is not good enough, in this yet to mature democracy of ours - check this.

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