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Are our current efforts good enough?

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I understand Praja is doing an outstanding work in terms of creating awareness and action groups .

However, do we think that we could have utilized the recent Delhi incident to highlight growing crimes and violations in our city? 

While the general mood of the public was filled with anger and despair, could an initiative like Praja have taken opportunity to channelise people thoughts and ask them to convert into action.

I do not know the answer. But what I know is I felt the need to inform people that if they felt truly pained by the incident, then then need to channelise their anguish in the right away.

Below is the pamplet I printed and distributed to about 400 odd people at the traffic signals of Koramangala (Forum/ 100 Ft junction) in the past 3 days.

I believe the time is to create active citizen groups for each locality in Bangalore (not just RWA's)

Think about it. Governments come and go. While one government might have officials who will pay heed to us (groups like Praja) and might take action, the next government might not care about us. Do we need to be be on thier mercy for our development???




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delay - apologies

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On behalf of the small moderators group here, apologies for the delay in publishing this one.

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building momentum

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@ Vimal - Firstly welcome to PRAJA.

The forceful agitation by the youth of Delhi (without the organisational support of any of the political parties), in the aftermath of the gang-rape incident, is perhaps an indication that things are beginning to change, and for the better.

We, from PRAJA-RAAG, contributed our bit too, in the form of our representation to Justice Verma Committee - check here.

We certainly can do more, for which we need to build momentum. And, that's our constant effort.

Muralidhar Rao
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Time to enforce Community patrolling

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I beleive the time has come to launch the Community Patrolling initiative in each locality.  The patrolling teams, whose members live in vicinity and are most affected by the relevant issues, need to be created.

These teams should be empowered to take direct action against violators in the vicinity. Examples of violations include (and not limited to):

  • Riding on footpath
  • Shops extending to footpath
  • illegal hoardings ( I understand this is apolitical)

Bascially, all violations which has been stricked down by the High court and orders issues against. This is the only go to safegaurd our children and ourselves and ensure future development.

Please do not expect the cops/ BBMP to take stock of it.  Even if the cops/ BBMP were to take action and have them cleared, the issue reappears the next day (we have seen it often).

Again, Community patrolling is the only go. Can we form groups and tackle this menace by ourselves?



P.S: TOI Article on Saturday, Jan 12 states that 47% of accident victims are pedestrians. Will you wait for your dear one to be injured, before you take a stance?



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Community patrolling - good idea

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Vimal - welcome to Praja. Good thoughts on community patrolling there. comment guidelines

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