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TenderSURE on Residency Road

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TenderSURE is being discussed with some discontent these days because it has hit the road users community (dominated by motorvehicle users) hard. However its commendable that they continue with their work.

The work has started on Residency road from this week and they have started digging the pavement up. Traffic pileups have started because even St Marks road is all dug up and the school district traffic is worst affected!

Not sure if it was the right decission to open both the fronts (Residency and St Marks road) together. Nevertheless, thought of starting a discussion on Residency road and the works there.

To start with there are two points which catch attention:

1. KPTCL Switchgear near the Museum road junction is occupying the whole footpath currently and this is best candidate for an upgrade to narrower one which is being put up at various places in the city. However,I still do not understand why the stwitchgear should be located on the footpath in the first place. Below is a picture taken today of that place.

2. The second point is of the Eucalyptus trees on this street (good shephard school side). Below are some observations of them:

  • The are too tall and do not particularly provide much shade, they are not pavement trees
  • The are not aesthetic either, the grey/green does not inspire much.
  • Most important point, they suck up ground water more than almost any other tree 

The last point is very important because of the depleating ground water in Bangalore. I love trees and would want each and every tree conserved. But looking at the disadvatages of having the eucalyptus tree, I would say these can been removed too and new better trees like Honge or Honne (Mohogany) can be planted instead.

Please share your thoughts about this and other observations related to the TenderSure works. comment guidelines

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