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What are they widening?

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Where's the widening in roadwidening?

A very good piece of investigation work. Uncovered the incompetence that is BBMP. We need somebody to step in and stop these people from causing any damage to the city. Its like a mental institution on the loose.

some excerpts

I asked the source for the widths of each of the 23 roads. The source gave a 10,000 feet above the ground reply, saying, "It's anywhere between 18 and 24 metres for each of them".

BBMP engineers themselves don't know road widths

The BBMP did not have the data ready on-hand. The official got the Revised Master Plan (RMP) map - this is a gigantic book, ten to fifteen times the size of a regular notebook

Four or five engineers were pouring over the RMP map, trying to locate the roads under their zones. Some were apparently not in the RMP itself. One engineer said he didn't know the current widths of the roads under his jurisdiction



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IDS, thanks for peek into local governance of India's IT capital

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The post is really eye opening and confirms what Prajagale has been saying all these days about our civic agencies. I think Prajagale are not amused any more on such reports. What is pathetic is BBMP bosses are announcing sleeves of projects without even getting some ground information and even making a case for taking up projects. I think it is time we also start asking pertinent questions for every project that is announced by BBMP and others. I think a sleeve of RTI's should help.



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nepa to swindle money..

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Road widening is just another 'noble' nepa to make some quick money..Blr has no dearth of such unwanted projects now..

Tagore circle underpass is one of them..people dont want it..traffic experts dont want it..but govt wants it!

Lalbaugh works..people dont want it.. but govt wants it!

Bus stop upgrades..they brought down many new stops for this..

The list is way too many!!

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Leaves you plain dumbstruck! Like I have stated here, it's high time the entire set up is revamped in totality.

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