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Road Widening - T C Palya Main Road

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I recently moved to Akshay Nagar, and I am happy to see that the road are getting repaired, filled in with Mud & stones and subsequently tarred.

Couple of days ago we had seen markings in all the building with measurement given in meteres.  We want to know wheter any proposals are there for road widening and what will the future of  buildings there (the road is covered with 6 flats which is over 2-5 years old and all the flats were getting affected worstly).  If there is a proposal for road widening then why the same is getting repaired now?

Could any one clarify this?


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Road Widening- TC palya

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Yes we see the markings. This is bad and causing agony. Why is BBMP focusing on wideneing the roads and demolish the apartments. They need to focus on maintaining the current roads rather than hurting the sentiments and emotions of the people.

Roads are for the people ,but not at the cost of their homes.This is really an eccentric decison and we need to speak to the authorities to listen to people;s agony.

 I donot understand why TC palya road is being widened. This is causing agony amongst most of the apartment owners. The BBMP should maintain 60 feet road rather than widening and creating choas.Can BBMP repair the roads rather tahn demolishing apa

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road widening

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Road widening

I have noticed road widening markings in chuchughatta main road,

new buildings are also being constructed.

these widening if it is sure to take place,

why the heck people are constructing,

lot of natural resourses getting wasted ,material waste ,money waste and energy wasted.

lot of authorities placed for survey at least stopping the upcoming new constructions.

to avoid this ,can  the bbmp place big banners announcing the widening with effective date.

first notice issuance date,

second notice date,

final date ,

people who are buying also are getting cheated.

so subregistrars can be given notice of alll the properties with survey numbers from being transacted.

If any transaction done hold the concerned authourity responsible.




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Setting right violations on public land - No notice reqd

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As per laid down norms, it is generally expected for buyers to verify the authenticity of properties before entering into any sort of deal to buy it. Unfortunately, many do not & end up having properties that are illegal, or built without proper approval/s or in violation of approved building plans & encroach into roads without maintaining recommended setbacks.

Since there is a very large market for unapproved, & therefore cheaper buildings, builders & developers take buyers for a ride, assuring them that all will be okay. Thus, whilst builders are at fault as also the local authorities that issued occupancy certificates, the blame rests with buyers too. If most buyers shun such builders & insist on proper approval & titles, this problem would have been under control.

Setback violations, encroachments, deviations from plans, etc. are probably as rampant on TC Palya & Chunchgatta roads as they have been on so many other roads in the city. If the authorities wish to widen roads & remove encroachments on public property, I think by law they do not have to give notice since there have been encroachment & violation in construction laws in the first place. comment guidelines

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