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ePass for BMTC

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[Cross posted from my  suggestion to BMTC via their website.]

If KSRTC can issue the travel e-ticket using credit card and ID card combination, why can not issue daily/weekly/monthly pass electronically? I am sure many people will opt for it and reselling will reduce though not to great extent.

What I should be able to do is just take printout of e-ticket via internet, sign it and show ID proof for any ticket inspectors. 
Did you here the eticket having any loopholes so far?
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss, I am a member of also. I cross posted website, where you find people discussing about pros and cons..



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e-Ticket may itself be foxed by people, BMTC need to have a mechanism  to check the authenticity of Ticket, if they can develop that kind of a infrastructure it would be a great benefit.



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Similar to KSRTC eTicket

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 Hi Madhava,

Thanks for quick response.

e-Ticket system is working fine in KSRTC (, to my knowledge.

What they do is ->

a) Ask your ID document type (Example : PAN) and Document Number while you enter details.

b) They ask you to take hard copy(you can take print any time)

c) Carry the ID proof along with eticket when travelling, thus enabling ticket inspectors to ensure correct person is carrying ticket.

Same can be implemented. This should work for BMTC too, at least for weekly/monthly passes if not for daily passes(I think even daily passes it would be feasible). In fact they could introduce more specific passes, for example from specific date to specific date , which is not possible in current manual system.

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they can actually do it for

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they can actually do it for daily passes also-people book it online and take an ID card with you. Atleast to that extent transfer of day passes can be stopped by BMTC.And change problem will be solved to some extent(It has becoem a big problem after day pass became Rs.32/- from 30/-)It can be a good move on part of bmtc.

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It may not be feasible

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KSRTC conductors have ample time to check the id and the pass but, bmtc conductors do not have that much time.  The pass (in this case epass) has to be shown atleast 3 to 4 times a day and for the short trips, it will become a hassle for the conductors.  it is true that the change and transfer of passes is a big problem so is duplicate pass.  Some other solution may be required.

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Good Catch

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Thanks and this is a good catch. But asking for a picture upload along with ID document number would suffice. I presume people who will be looking for ePass will not mind to upload a picture too. But still they should carry ID proof, as second check if conductor or inspector needs double validation.

So typically an ePass should have these information minimum:

a) Name

b) Dates on which ePass valid (much BOLDer)

c) ePass Number or Transation ID for tracking

d) ID Document type

e) ID (Document) Number

f)  Picture 

g) A Bar Code for ePass Number.

Note: System should be able to resize picture even though user loads non-standard size.

Second point

"bmtc conductors do not have that much time....."

Agreed and it is a fact. But in practice they do not check at least 60-70%. Because of following points:

- Passenger shows a hand gesture that he has a pass. Conductor believes it.

- Conductor is "too far" from passenger. So passenger shows pass from distance, conductor believes it.

- Passenger reluctant to show pass, as it is a prestige issue or an insult to show pass for him/her. Why conductor not believing an esteemed citizen when he just says he has pass ? :-D

- There is no rush in buss, very few people. Conductor is sitting in a ladies seat near driver, and discussing something serious. Hence he/she does not time to validate normal pass.

- After all ticket inspector will check and fine a passenger if found guilty. So why should conductor spend energy in validating (Heard from a conductor).

- Lots of students just escape. Conductor is scared to ask for pass. You know the reason.




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So far no response from BMTC

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 For the suggestion given to BMTC on 12-Mar-2010 as you see screenshot above, so far no response from BMTC. No acknowledgement, no acceptance, no denial. Who will help?

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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eticket - nice one

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Conductors can check and issue normal daily pass by collecting the e-ticket once the person enters the bus. (in exchange for print out)


This way  we can prevent rechecking of eticket each time in every bus.

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India Mobility Card

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Soon you may be able to travel across the country carrying just a swipe card that can be used for all modes of transport. If plans by the Union Urban Development Ministry are successful, the common transport card, or ‘Common Mobility Card’/ ‘India Mobility Card’, will be a reality by next year.

These cards would cover all forms of transport, including buses, trains, metros, ferries, taxis and even autorickshaws. The only sector that the ministry has not included in its India Mobility Card project is air travel.

For the full report in the New Indian Express, click here.

Rather ambitious, if you ask me, particularly considering the generational differences in the technologies adopted by the various players - check this too

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