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Revenue Sites

Yesterdays TOI paper had a front Page report Site Registration freeze may go. While the BJP Government’s action regarding Property tax was very much appreciated this step regarding revenue sites may be retroactive. If government allows layouts to be formed on revenue land knowing fully well that this will lead to violations in the guidelines on urban development, it will be a disastrous move. When there is a body like BDA they should be totally in charge of city growth and planning. So far BDA layouts executed are limited to cater for needy residents of long standing in the city, who cannot afford to get sites otherwise. On the other hand BDA should be in charge of city growth, city planning including Infrastructure like roads, proactively to justify being named “BDA”.
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Revenue Land

Sir, Ref our telcon - the revenue pockets within BBMP areas + 7 CMC & 1 TMC areas are all under BBMP control now, after the formation of Greater Bangalore. Earlier, revenue land was being grossly misused by owners & developers in collusion with CMC officials to put up high rises without proper infrastructure, such as piped water, drainage, roads, etc. Presently, all sanctions are through BBMP & the bye-laws apply throughout, as per the new CDP-2007. However, the old dwellings & tenements that were previously built & which are in gross violation of norms, will perhaps continue to exist as they are, though when layout improvements, such as road widening, drainage, etc are taken up, some improvement/s will come about, though it will never be like the well-planned BDA layouts, for a long time to come. As such, the freeze on registration of revenue lands that had been put in place for planning & finalizing the CDP had to be lifted at some stage to permit land owners to use or sell their lands. Please advise any comments, thanks. comment guidelines

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