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Training for BBMP Corporate aspirants held on 27 Jan 2010 by Urban Research Center

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Urban DevelopmentGovernance

 The Urban Research Center was founded by about 8 people and duly registered as a society on 31st Jan 2004. The main purpose of the center is supposed to be towards achieving good responsible governance both in Urban and rural context. It is stated briefly as

“Socially relevant research to contribute to a responsible civil society and responsive governance in the urban areas of Coastal and Capital regions of Karnataka, India” 

The center did have its early roots in “TIDE India”. URC concentrates on local governance pertaining to the working of city corporations in general including some gram panchayats in the rural context. The process in turn includes understanding of the basic issues and constructive interventions possible. 

The training took place at the library hall of Student Christian Movement of India Society, SCM House 29, 2nd cross, CSI compound Mission Road, Bangalore 560027 Priyadarshini Handloom house is situated at this property belonging to the mission. The mission was inaugurated on 5th June 1977 being a gift of the evangelical church in the federal Republic of Germany, through a central agency for protestant development aid. 

The days organizing / lecture team consisted of 

  1. Gururaja Budhiya Secretary URC (94488-49353)
  2. Harini URC (94805-15446)
  3. Anand S (BE Civil) co coordinator Anti corruption Forum  RTI activist (92410-12730)
  4. Bapu shettiar a Social activist
  5. Prof Hanumanthan a prominent Socialist 

Participants [There were only two BBMP Corporate aspirants. The rest like me were not ]

  1. Ragavendra, (Accenture)
  2. Ramesh (IT)
  3. Vanisri (Daugter of BBMP Corporate aspirant)
  4. Ramalinga (Ward 66)
  5. Sridhar (Ward 66) President and Printing press Owner (200 employees) Social service BBMP Corporate aspirant
  6. Satish (Ward 66)
  7. Linganna  (Ward 66)
  8. Venkaresh Dalit Bahujan Samaj
  9. Pushpalatha Dalit Bahujan Samaj
  10. Yogish (Mind Tree)
  11. Sunita rao (Reporter DNA)
  12. Ananthram PS (DRDO Scientist Rtd)

The training was designed to prepare the aspirants to gain an understanding of the corporater’s role in the proper functioning of the municipal corporation in order to fulfill the aspirations of the electorate electing the corporater. This required the inclusion of basic concepts of 

  1. Democracy
  2. constitution
  3. Government structure
  4. relevant departments like Urban Development
  5. Corporation act itself
  6. Election Commission functions
  7. RTI act
  8. Corporation Council Operation
  9. Guiding the execution of actual Ward works
    1. Lectures
    2. Group Discussions
    3. Familiarization through group games
  10. Etc.                                                                                                      

The following material was given to each participant 

  1. The Karnataka Municipal Corporations act 1976
  2. Election rules their off
  3. Indian Constitution
  4. Indian Constitution 74th ammendment
  5.  Structure of Indian Governament
  6. Urban Development Department
  7. Composition of BBMP
  8. Official Website
  9. Preparation of ward plan
  10. Panduran Patils Talk copy 

The morning session started at about 10AM with an introduction given by Mr. Gururaja Budhiya, Secretary, URC. This was followed by a talk given by Mr. Anand of Anti corruption forum Bangalore. Mr.  Anand, a teacher with a BE civil degree is a renowned social activist, who exposed the 2005 Dharm Singh false affidavit case. He felt that the judiciary is getting corruptive vibes from the politicians. He believes in 100% implementation of rules. He was of the firm opinion that the problem was at the lowest rung of the Corporation and or government departments in general 

The Karnataka Municipal Corporations act 1976 [Karnataka Act No 14 of 1977] was discussed in brief. The general disqualification for becoming a councilor was discussed in some detail. The main clause of not holding a governmental position of profit was discussed among several their important clauses. 

The afternoon session had some interesting games to keep us awake. It was fun.  There were two sessions by Bapu shettiar and Pro Hanumanthan. 

A certificate was given to all the participants after taking their relevant feed backs. 


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Some Pictures taken at the workshop

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Picture 1. Professor Hanumanthan a prominent Socialist giving his talk. Bapu shettiar a Social activist is seen listening at the side.

 Picture 2. Mr. Sridhar Next to the lady the two BBMP Corporate aspirants with their cronies.


 Picture 3. Display gift Placard of the Building.

[ The mission was inaugurated on 5th June 1977 being a gift of the evangelical church in the federal Republic of Germany, through a central agency for protestant development aid. ]

Some more pictures I had taken exceeded 512K limit and hence failed to upload. Hence I could not choose any of them to include here.


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Dear PSA Avare,

I wish you had actually been a Corporation aspirant!

Such lucid reportage is like a breath of fresh air.

Does anyone have a list of aspirants who want to be Corporators in this BBMP elections? Or does anyone know where to get hold of such a list? Any idea when is the last date for filing nominations etc?

Hope with this election BBMP really turns a new leaf.




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Great report

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Echo what Chari sir has said above. Excellen report and pictures PSA sir.

Whether BBMP elections turn a new leaf or not, enthusiasits like yourself and others who organize or attened these interactions need to be appluaded.

I was wondering if few us can get together and organize a group session cum workshop ourselves. We tried one for transportation, there are other areas waitng for attention.

Besides, we have to bring back those once in a month member meetings. I haven't seen PSA sir and others for a long long time now :)

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Fine Report

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I join the others in my appreciation of this report. Mr Ananthram - wish you had called me too. I could have attended on 27 Jan.

I agree with SB - a meet is called for soon.

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I am game

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Hi Everyone,

I think Pranav's suggestion of revving the monthly meet and having a special group discussion is excellent. I am all for it and would be happy to join whenever and wherever it is held.

If all of you think the location is suitable, I suggest we persuade the Director of ECC (Ecumenical Christian Centre in Whitefield) to allow us to use their several small, medium and large halls / group discussion rooms for our monthly as well as one off group discusion meetings. ECC does allow public interest groups to hold their sessions and they do not charge anything. If we want snacks or tea from their canteen, it needs to be paid for.

Would you like me to explore and find out a string of dates when such meetings can be held at their premises?

Let me know please.



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Lets resume in Feb

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After Bus day, lets have a member meeting at a public place. I will organize one. As long as we were doing it early Sat/Sun morning, I thought we were doing okay.

It would be a Sunday early morning at Lalbagh or Cubbon Park type place. At least I prefer such time (very early morning, doesn't impact rest of the day) and venue (open public place). comment guidelines

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