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Killing our lakes - Varthur Lake as well?

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No new post this, just a rehash of  year old "Eating up Varthur Lake". Inspired by Rithesh's recent note on Hebbal/Nagavara Lake, I wanted to remind us about possible encorachments on the area/stream between Varthur and Belandur lakes.

Some earth work there had stuck me as odd last year (see pic below). Since then, due to airport shifting, it has not been possible to get aerial shots of the area. I suspect (disclaimer - not sure) that points A,B, and C are encroaching on the stream connecting Varthur and Belandur lakes.

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Repeating pictures from last post:



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Encroachment of Varthur

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 In the absence of a formal boundary for a lake/tank, the ease wih which fraudulent revenue records can be created for land, the absence of any institution to take responsibility for this demarcation and preservation this unfortnate encroachment will happen with the escalating land prices.
What does one do about it?
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 Can we document all the tanks and take it to the lok ayukta like the documentation by Rithesh and silkboard?

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I am game zenrainman

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We have waited too long to get started on BWSSB and Lake related action here.

Lets start this off with a meeting. Are you on skype? Please send over your skype id, let you me and Rithesh get started on work to

  • track BWSSB's projects, and
  • document lake boundaries and have Lake managing bodies (I am confused between BBMP, BWSSB and old OLDA) do a survey on 20 top lakes in and around Bangalore.

I prefer proactive on-ground work, of the tracking and analyzing kind, don't like placard holding protests and shouting. Just wanted to make myself clear on my goals from such BWSSB/Lake tracking project.

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Government can get all the data that it needs

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There will be plenty of Satellite imagery of Bangalore and surrounding areas available through ISRO. 

Encroachments on lakes are taking place every day.  It is time that we used technology that has been available to us for years.
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I have been working on the ISRO front.  I have been directed to contact a certain person for the images after contacting the IRS director's office.  The next step is to see if this person can help us. comment guidelines

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