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Sewage from my house or apartment goes to

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BWSSB sanitary connection
53% (32 votes)
Nearby lake or open drain
12% (7 votes)
Local water treatment plant
12% (7 votes)
Don't know or don't care
23% (14 votes)
Total votes: 60


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SB - This poll was overdue !

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Great !

I think such polls help understand how many are interested or aware.

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File an RTI to know this information

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And filing a petition in court to clean up your neighbourhood sewage will be good.

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Before that petition etc

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Just knowing where your sewage goes, and where it is supposed to go would help.

If at all you want to do a petition etc, I suggest you try these:

1) Who have built houses and apartments by making false declarations about how they would provide and discharge water (builders)

2) Those who throw garbage into the drains and lakes, and then complain that these are dirty (refer a headline in a city paper today, where the tone was "BBMP is not cleaning the lakes", but nobody bothered to ask who threw all that trash and bottles and plastics in the lake in the first place. (residents)

Courts and past lawmakers have done enough, don't need any more legislations, don't need any new authorities or task forces. All we need is for us, you and me to spend some time to take some interest. If you don't, then everyone will do as they wish.

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Another Option

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I know that the sewage from my apartment goes into a Septic tank / Soak Pit.

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Garbage was thrown in lakes by govt itself. Lets file a petition immediately.

If we file hundreds of petitions, we can govern the country really well.

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Can We Try a Different Tack?

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Wonder if we can petition BBMP / BWSSB or any other concerned Department to force them to go in for finding best available solution, not dilly-dally and pussy foot about this being a gigantic problem and that cartels of contractors are putting hurdles etc.

Let them cut red-tape and allow the best technology to just "Do It" as Nike says!!

After all it is our money that they are spending and why should we not have a say in choosing the solution? Why leave it to inept Corporators / MLAs or self serving bureaucrats?







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to admin

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